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Savage Synnibarr: Prison break!

After the fight with the Drake, the senior adventurers, Trush, Dita and Rolf decide to go shopping and leave Gorgoroth and Douro on their own on the rooftop.

While most of the kitchen staff still cheers, the Chameleon Drake and the Golden Tiger notice that one of the cooks is eyeing them weirdly.

With telepathy and mind control Gorgoroth is able to search the thoughts of the cook. The Chameleon Drake finds out that the cook, named Sergio Suspa, is wondering if he should ask the two adventurers for help. His sister Jessica is in prison and he feels that she was unfairly convicted.

They start a conversation with Sergio and he tells them more: he can't believe that she was behind a couple of Plant Men running amok. Sergio begs the adventurers to free her.

While the two are not sure his story is true, they decide to talk to Jessica themselves and fly over to the Fortress, the main government building that also houses the prison.

The Golden Tiger whose Tiger Fire is always burning brightly when he flies stays outside, while the Chameleon Drake is invisible and intangible and enters the prison. With mind control he finds out where Jessica is: on the lowest of 3 floors. But instead of going straight there, he starts to take over the guards one after another and let's them unlock prison doors.

Finally he makes it to Jessica's cell. He starts whispering in the woman's mind and wakes her up from her sleep. At first he wants to scare her, but then he let's her tell her story: she is an Archer adventurer and tells that she found out that a senator named Pekollor Faceman is actually an evil mage. She accidently stumbled across a dark ritual by Faceman outside the city and after noone believed her she decided to take him down herself. She grew seven Plant Men from seeds in her garden to support her. But when the Black Guard - the elite squads of the government - raided her home shortly before she wanted to attack Faceman, the Plant Men started to run amok and killed three innocent citizens before being taken out.

She ended up in prison, and was able to cover up her plan, despite suspicion because of her former allegations.

Gorgoroth calls Douro to break the outer cell wall, but despite his extraordinary strength and Tiger Fire, he fails initially and more and more prison guards are sent against him. In the meantime the hypnotized guards let more and more prisoners out and with the alarm being heard in the whole compound and fight starts.

Douro is able to soak a good hit by an antipower Bazooka and at last moment, before being forced to flee on the roof of the priosn, evaporates the wall. Gorgoroth who has created more chaos inside in the meantime. Invisibly carries Jessica, and with his mind control let's the guard commanders on the outside of the building give orders to retreat, as well as forcing one to shoot the bazooka operator. The following chaos allows him to take Jessica to the roof, where Douro is waiting.

Together they fly off, only to notice that they are chased by two flying police gliders. Douro who is faster and the opposite of invisible, decides to distract the the gliders while invisible Gorgoroth carries Jessica away. It takes the Golden Tiger some time to get rid of the police between the 19 towers of Bwer-Rock, but in the end he is successful and meets Golgoroth on the rooftop terrace of Excelsior Hotel.

Sister and brother are united. The assault on the prison and the following escape of the Golden Tiger are all over the news, as well as the prison riot. While Douro talks to Jessica, and calms her down, Gorgoroth threatens Sergio telepathically. He gets a promise and contract out of him, to hand the chameleon drake over his firstborn. Sergio came up with this idea, because he is gay and does not plan to have kids anyways. The chameleon drake takes residence in the cook's apartment.

Douro brings Jessica in the meantime to his friend Darkmonk, who looks exactly like the name implies. Darkmonk resides in the sewers of Bwer-Rock where he has gathered orphan outcasts around him that he saved when they were still babies. He advices Douro not to wear his Tiger uniform any longer and offers him a cosmetic operation if necessary to alter his face.

Next: Red Glow in the Lizard Club

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Cool Synnibarr monster to use

Ape, Mutant: the X-men in ape form. Also see Baboon, Mutant and Baboon, Psionic
Ape, Thunder: King Kong
Apple, Gold: collects gold in it's roots, but fruit nullifies powers. Hypnotic scent.
Apple, Silver: total nourishment for 24 hours
Sea, Bear: 4.5 metre, shoots beams from eyes
Berry, Mist: eat and turn into mist for some time
Broch: bigger gecko whose spit is nullifying
Cat, Nerieye: winged cats that can tranform in lions. Telepathy with owner.
Clam, Giant Mutant Fire: Kathar sea, shoots energy blasts.
Cobra, Giant: hypnosis
Cobra, Winged: Major opponent!
Crab people: people with pincers and antennas
Crocopede: centipede with crocodile head; 3 metres long
Death Porter: organic electronic robots: Giant Metal Spider -> Killer Whale -> Giant Metal Eagle; teleporter and electricity vampires
Demon Mist: vampire cloud

Here you can get an overview on the Synnibarr aliens

UDF: United Drake Force (disbanded)

Savage Synnibarr: The Lizard Club

This is the original write up. In the actual game the ghost was dropped, to make the adventure not run over time. (The police did not show up either.)

The Lizard Club is a gentlemen's club in Bwer-Rock's Waterfall Tower.

It's on the lower floors. The entrance is on the opposite site of the waterfall. Entrance is invitation only. 5 giant bouncers protect the shiny door and also serve as valets. They are normally shrunk, but take their normal size in case of fights. (FightD8;SpiritD8;Tough13;DmgD12+2fists)

Behind the entrance is an elven butler who is always subservient. A hallway leads to 8 different lounge rooms and at the end: a main room with a huge statue and a big red mirror.

Inside the club are 2d4 members at any time. They are predominantly human. In case of a fight outside the door and aggressors entering, they will flee through secret passages.

The statue is 4 metres tall and of a dwarf. A plaque reads Tomor, founder of the Lizard Club.

A poltergeist named Cindy Patchville took residence in the statue. She will first try to scare intruders, than attack them (*WC*TelekinesisD12;SpiritD12;Tough8;Immunity:physical;DmgD12telekinesis;FearPower). She died here 20 years ago, from euthanisia to guard the rooms and can be calmed down. She tells that the mirror recently started to emit maddening light more and more frequently and that most likely it must be related to the mirror.

Then the mirror starts blinking like a strobe. Who is not fast enough to look away (Agility), must make a Spirit roll or starts attacking his friends, until being knocked out. If multiple people are affected, they work together.

If you open the suitcase and let the Maddening Light out, it will fly towards the mirror, stay inside the air for 1 round and emit lightning bolts (Agility -2 to escape; 3d6 damage). Then it merges with the mirror, melting it and forming a shiny redskinned, female body that falls to the floor and seems unconscious. The body is more like a statue as it has no surface details, but is breathing.

Outside the police is waiting with 2 flying Lamborghinis and 6 officers. They are equipped with heavy armour, guns and 1 power suppression bazookas. The bazooka can affect 1 person per round and 1 power source. (Fight/ShootD10;SpiritD10;Tough12(4);Dmg2d6guns)

They ask intruders to the club to drop all weapons and to surrender. They will confiscate all weapons and ask for 1000$ per injured person (most likely the bouncers).

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Savage Synnibarr city overview: Bwer-Rock

Bwer-Rock is a city state on the savannah island of Lystema. The island is quite big, around 200 km in diameter, and off the coast of the Enchanted Continent.

Bwer-Rock is on the South coast in Bwer Bay. To the West and Northwest it is protected from werewinds (that shut down technology and magic) by the Obsidian Shieldwall, a massive, 400 metre high cliff that encompasses the city in a 140 degree angle and even reaches out in the ocean for a few hundred metres.

Bwer-Rock is famous for it's 19 sky scrapers that are 1000s of years older than the current city. The scyscrapers contain a still functioning nano self repair system and are always clean.

*Glass Tower (Excelsior Hotel on top)
*Corkscrew Tower
*Black Tower
*Red Tower
*The Left Claw
*The Right Claw
*Waterfall Tower (Lizard Club near bottom)
*Neon Tower
*Marble Tower
*Fog Tower
*The Highest Tower
*The Light House
*The Unfinished Tower
*The Fortress (Government Tower, more shaped like a turtle)

Bwer-Rock citizens live in the towers, while something resembling a medieval town was built at the feet of the towers. The inhabitants of the undertown are barbaric and dangerous.

The current ruler is President Jonovian. She took over power eight years ago when she was able to lead a rebellion against the Blood Mage Fallbeik. She is supported by her Black Guard.

The 2nd most powerful house are the Gnomes. They control most of the trading.

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Savage Synnibarr 18: A drake in the rooftop lounge

After defeating the Red Ninjas, it was clean up time. Trush hacked into the skyscraper computer system to summon a whole group of cleaning bots.

Around the same time another new adventurer showed up: a Golden Tiger called Douro. The square jawed super martial artist introduced himself and had a warmer welcome than the Chameleon Drake less than an hour before.

While the cleaning was still in progress, he heard first that something huge was flapping its wings nearby: a Scarlett Drake was closing in on the rooftop lounge of Excelsior Hotel.

Gorgoroth decided to fly towards him and make contact. The Drake told him to step to the side so her could have revenge on the group of Drake killers. Gorgoroth tried to use hypnosis on him, but failed. The Drake swooped in and pushed him to the side with his gigantic tail.

Gorgoroth had good luck that he was just hurled away and not seriously hurt. In the meantime Rolf Choke and Trush disappeared inside the bar toilets to "change". Rolf activated his Invisibility Coat, while Trush turned into a hatchling drake.

Douro decided to take the suitcase in security in the meantime. He flew off with it and hid it in the elevator of window cleaners on the outside.

Despite the Drake attacking with his fire breath, the aventurers were able to step out of the way, and Dita tried to talk reason into  it in the meantime. She tried to convince him that she was not part of the Drake Killing Crew and had no bad intention. But the Drake wanted proof. Luckily Dita still had the ghost of a baby drake from the ancient temple city of the drakes in her ghost lamp.

While the ghost himself was initially not convinced that he could trust her, she was able to get him at her side, because she had the end of Shining Wind as proof on her side. The drake ghost agreed to intervene on her behalf.

While the drakes were talking, and the ghost convinced the Red Drake to leave, Rolf Choke sneaked in. With a heroic jump he hauled himself 6 meters over the side of the skyscraper on the back of the Drake. But while he found the perfect spot for a Nerve Pinch kill, this time he had no luck. A weird scale blocked the deadly of his katana.

The Drake did not know what was on his back, but got mental. He charged into a lower floor of the Excelsior to scratch the thing of his back off. But Rolf Choke was fast enough to jump off and stick to the outer wall of the skyscraper.

While the Drake went berserk inside the too tight hallway, Douro went for an attack.

With his incredible speed and his fists of the steel, he wounded the creature. Two good hits of Tiger Fire, took the Drake nearly out. But then the giant dragon opened his gigantic snout and swallowed the muscular man in his tiger costume as a whole. Most adventurers would probably have been ripped apart by the giant teeth, but Douro was able to get into the muzzle as a whole.

This was the perfect position. With a powerful smash he vaporized the brain of the Drake from below. The monster was death. But while Gorgoroth mourned the dead creature, Trush focused to see how he could make money out of the corpse.

He was able to sell all the body parts to interested party that had contacted the group before. With the money he bought himself a laser sword, and three pegasi, one white, one brown, one black, for the group.

Next: Prison Break!

New Savage Worlds Superpower: Talk to Ghosts

This power was missing in the Superhero Companion. Therefore I created a variation on the Interface Power for computers, as effectwise both powers seem to be related.

Talk to Ghosts HOUSERULE
Your character can communicate with ghosts, giving her much greater access to the history of places. She can use a Notice Roll once per place to spot ghosts. (An average location contains d4-2 ghosts.) After noticing a ghost she can use Persuasion to start a conversation. Their Initial Reaction may vary from Hostile to Neutral.

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Character Questionnaire Random Table: Pre Session

To get a better understanding of my player's feeling on the campaign and their characters, every player has to roll on the following table and answer the question if the wants to receive an Adventure Card (a Savage Worlds plot card).

The 1st session let the players use a d6 (or even d4). The following sessions, let them use a d8.

  1. What is your character’s most important Hindrance? Why?
  2. What other character in the party has your character a special bond to? Why?
  3. What adventure your character had so far, had most impact on him? Why?
  4. What adventures is your character looking forward to?
  5. Who is the most important NonPlayerCharacter for your character? Why?
  6. What motivates and excites your character?
  7. What was your favourite scene in the last session?
  8. What was your least favourite scene in the last session

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Talislanta One Shot FAWS7

This is another old draft I found and publish now after 5 years:

While I have some basic ideas for a Talislanta one shot of some research in the meantime, I try to bring it in playable (=not railroadish) form by creating a FAWS7 write up.

I love that Talislanta feels a lot like the dreamland stories by HP Lovecraft, so I decided to choose a setting that reflects this better than the Seven Kingdoms. Those are a little bit cheesy with their whole free love and seminaked Muses vibe anyways. ;)

The cursed city of Marduk seems to be a cool place, but it should tied in a little bit with the Seven Kingdoms to shift the game westwards in the future. (=one line idea or title)

Street to Maruk: encounter with Sindarin equs merchant and collector who wonders about the duality between Phaedrans and Wild Men INTERACTION There is also risk that the heroes don't come to the city in time before the cursed month starts.
Gate (p.33): Guards don't want to let them enter at first, because the think it is a bad omen if strange travelers come shortly before the cursed months. INTERACTION
House of Customs (p.33): Sent there by guards, but nobody controls if they are really going there.
House of Oracles (p.33)

Some inn in Maruk (House of Sorrows?, p.34)
Old Maruk Palace = Dung Warehouse

Sindarin asks them to take care of his 4 equs and disappears while healing
girl that was sent away from home, because she is cursed and her husband will only take her back if she brings Talisman from House of Fortune

Sindarin equs merchant: wants to get healed from sickness in the House of Fate

Honestly: this notes lead nowhere, but noone needs to read them. Don't complain about free stuff! ;-)

Savage Synnibarr 17: Ninjas in the rooftop lounge

(This is a follow up to the Synnibarr space campaign.)

Amazon Dita, cyborg Trush and ninja Rolf Choke walk into a bar. They have returned from outer space.

The Adventurer's Guild sent them to the city of Bwer-Rock on to the savannah island of Lystema. There they are supposed to meet new recruits for their team and an agent with contact info on their new mission.

While they are sipping cocktail on the rooftop terrace of the Excelsior Hotel, a Chameleon Drake approaches them. He introduces himself as Gorgoroth Nargaroth, a new recruit, who just finished his training. The dragon humanoid can produce a card of invitation, but the 3 famous heroes, are not sure they like him and decide to put him on a trial.

Before they can really start their trial the agent, a super beardy guy, wearing a trenchcoat and sunglasses, and caring an old fashioned suitcase shows up. He introduces himself as Agent Nelson. And hands over the suitcase. At first he is taciturn, but Gorgoroth uses his hypnosis powers to make him speak. Nelson confirms that he was sent by the Guild and that he is supposed to hand over the suitcase. He does not know too much, but supposedly whatever is in the suitcase will people make looking at it insane. He also mentions that the the heroes are supposed to bring the suitcase to a place called the Lizard Bar at the bottom of Bwer-Rock to hand it over to the female owner.

Gorgoroth wants to force Agent Nelson by hypnosis to open the suitcase, but the Agent is able to withstand. His hands are shaking like hell and he sheds a single tear from behind his sunglasses, when he finally breaks free. Dita asks him to hand over his sunglasses and he hands to over them over, not before asking for an autograph for his daughter.

The heroes are about to pay, when suddenly 8 red ninjas jump on the rooftop from all sides below and attack with Katanas. Gorgoroth starts threatening them and something shifts in his voice that actually makes everyone hesitate and shaken.

But Thrush is able to rally the people on their side. While most of the ninja are still trembling i fear, 2 charge towards the table, attacking Rolf Choke and Gorgoroth. Rolf steps to the side and easily kills one of them, while Gorgoroth hypnotises the other one.

Dita uses her Chi Shout to rip 4 more apart. When Thrush shoots one more with his laser gun, that leaves only 1 unharmed. Dita is able to convince to give up. The one under Gorgoroth's control opens his mind to the Chameleon Drake, who sees that the 8 ninjas were trained in a weird sickle-shaped tower -  by a huge silverclad ninja. There mission is to assassinate Rolf Choke and to steal the suitcase.

Dita gets similar information from the other survivor, but grants him his wish to commit suicide. When he is to wimp to actually do it, she does it for him.

Next: A Drake in the Rooftop Lounge

Savage Synnibarr Adventure: Secret of the Drake Temple

1 line summary: The characters are sent to a jungle island to find 2 missing alchemists.

Opponent's plan: One of the alchemists - Durana - plans to “liberate” the City of Terra by setting free the Plague, that reduces intelligence of victims and caused the Dark Ages.

Main location: Durana found the virus in an old temple to Drakes that she turned into a biological weapon factory.

Starting the adventure
The characters get a mission from the Adventurer’s Guild in Terra. The 2 young alchemists Durana and Rea went missing 2 months ago on the island TARBOON. It is possible that they went rogue. A reward of 20,000$ is up on finding out about their plans and reporting all details to Terra.

The characters are taken by Giants’ ship to the main town of New Vornheim on TARBOON. There the adventure starts.

The 80 miles diameter island is covered by jungle. New Vornheim is the main harbour. The 3 fishing villages of Ior, Caplan and Hole and far off, each on another side of the island. In the centre of the island you can find an old temple to drakes: Drakestone
  • Cannibal Sasquatch tribes hiding all over the jungle.
  • 3 Scarlett drakes settle on hills over the island and attack airborne vehicles.

New Vornheim
The town has a around 50,000 inhabitants (80% human). Except for the harbour it is surrounded by jungle. Most buildings are very simple white blocks with flat roofs. Streets are narrow, many even too narrow for the few cars.
The one standing out building is the steel-glass skyscraper of the City Hall. Next to the mayor Howser’s office, it also houses the local alchemist laboratory of Marveen and his 2 assistants.
The few adventurers in the city and more wannabees meet in a rowdy inn called Lazermead.

Travelers to the city will be interviewed by 2 local police officiers. There is a registration fee of 40$ per person and an import tax of 100$ per weapon, but theose can be easily concealed. Police officers are happy to take bribes to answer questions  or to support “customers. They are well connected. Trouble-makers will be jailed for a night. All cash and weapons are taken in as penalty fee. If a fight starts, 2d6 police officers show up. If overpowered they call in a Police Mech (of 5 in the city).

Infobits - those can be retrieved by Streetwise roles or interaction with local NPCs. Information in square brackets are only revealed by asking further questions or a Raise.

  • Two female alchemists indeed showed up some weeks ago.
  • Those alchemists went to Marveen and  the Lazermead.
  • The alchemists recruited aroung 15 locals as guides tor a jungle expedition.
  • There is an old Drake temple in the jungle [that the alchemists looked for].
  • There is a Drake cult in the town, but it is for teenagers.
  • A wereman, 2 amazons, and a Talking Raccoon have been recruited by the alchemists 2 weeks ago in the Lazermead Inn - for a jungle expedition.
  • It’s not wise to fly over the jungle, there are [3] Scarlett Drakes attacking planes, etc.
  • The alchemists went with an expedition to the jungle 10 days ago.
  • There are trails through the jungle that cars can use.
  • Sasquatch sometimes kill people in the jungle.
  • The local alchemist Marveen moved here from Terra 5 years ago. He never leaves the town, because hates the jungle (and the general provinciality of the island).
  • Marveen never uses his glider he brought from Terra.
  • Marveen builds a device that should be able to fly through the werestorm [by switching power source every milisecond].

The jungle
It takes a Survival success to find the way to the temple. The optimal trip takes 2 days. A failure means a day is lost and there is 75% chance to get ambushed by 4 Sasquatch with boulder traps. Their aim is to kill and provide a feast for a shamanistic ritual.
It’s necessary to cross a river filled with piranha swarms to get to the temple.
Near this river, the Alchemists’ expedition has been attacked by Sasquatch. 3 guides and the Talking Raccoon have been abducted and eaten. Destroyed equipment marks the location.

The Drakes temple
It is visible from some distance because it is erected on a 100m high stone needle. The temple has the shape of an abstracted drake head with 2 platforms outside and an entrance through “eye gates”. A big gatling gun is mounted on each platform and there are 1d6 guards with guns present any time on each them.

Inside the temple, in the huge hall behind the eyes, there are weird alchemist machines and pool of a green liquid: whoever touches this goo will be infected by the Plague, and their Smarts are reduced to d4 until they get an antidote. The antidote is actually to inject the same goo. 1d6 guards with guns are in this room.

An arch leads to another section of the temple: this whole section must have been carved out after the drakes left and is human sized. It contains mostly the quarters of the alchemists and their mercenaries. In Durana's quarter (the biggest and most luxurious one) there is a high tech cryocoffin that contains Rea. She was subdued by Durana after she disagreed on the plan to spread the Plague.

Durana's plan
Durana and Rea found out that the drake temple on Tarboon was probably the last place where the Plague virus existed and went there for research.

On the way there Durana came up with her plan:

To give an ultimatum on Terra to stop the surveillance of the citizens there. She wants to transport the recreated virus in a dormant host body to Terra and then hand over the antidote only she owns only in case her requests are fulfilled.

The dormant host body - it turned out to be Rea, as she wanted to stop Durana - will by transported in a cryo coffin. Once opened, the virus will spread from human to human. It has an incubation period of 24 hours.

To be sure that the virus works, Durana wants to do a test on New Vornheim. As soon as she has proof that the virus spread there, she will blow up the temple, so that the facility to produce the anti dote does not any longer exist and she cannot be circumvented in rescue missions.

Herself and her mercenaries get the antidote regularly. She is the only person having access to it, if everything goes according to her plan.

She is contact with a criminal gang in New Vornheim, the Red Lizard gang, to use their underground facilities to handle the cyro coffin. Before the Red Lizard gang members will notice that they are infected themselves, they will already have passed the cryo coffin on to a crew of Tenjohussan (frogmen) on their whale "submarine", who will transport the cryo coffin to Terra. The Tenjohussan wait in a cave under the city. This cave contains direct access to the sea.

Durana stays in the penthouse of City Hall in the meantime. She will not directly go to Terra herself but has created 12 drones that relay her ultimatum messages so she won't be found too easily.

The Drake Temple City
What she does not know is that there is a 2nd place that can produce the antidote: the ancient Drake Temple City at the equator, where humanoid worshippers of the drakes gather frequently has the same pool of goo hidden in the main temple. There are always 3d20 drakes present in the city.

The 3 Scarlett drakes of Taboon are aware of the pools in both temples. But they have no reason to help humanoids. In the hoard of the drakes there is also an drake encyclopedia that contains that knowledge.

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Bonds for Contemporary Games

Roll at character creation on this table and fill in the name of another player's character of your choice. If you are really unhappy with the result, you can reroll. (These bonds are lifted from Dungeon World.)

01 _______________ is strange and confusing.
02 _______________ is always getting into trouble—I must protect them from themselves.
03 This is not my first adventure with _______________.
04 I heard stories about _______________ long before I ever met them in person.
05 I am working on a documentary about the adventures of _______________.
06 _______________ trusted me with a secret.
07 _______________ does not trust me, and for good reason.
08 _______________ is a good and faithful person; I trust them implicitly.
09 _______________ is in constant danger, I will keep them safe.
10 ____________________ smells more like prey than a hunter.
11 A vision showed me a great danger that follows ______________.
12 _______________ owes me their life, whether they admit it or not.
13 I have sworn to protect _______________.
14 _______________ is soft, but I will make them hard like me.
15 _______________ has stood by me in battle and can be trusted completely!
16 _______________ is a brave soul, I have much to learn from them.
17 I stole something from _______________.
18 _______________ has my back when things go wrong.
19 _______________ knows incriminating details about me.
20 _______________ will play an important role in the events to come. I have foreseen it!
21 _______________ is keeping an important secret from me.
22 _______________ saved me from certain doom, and I must repay them.
23 _______________ was a faithful friend when I had nothing.
24 _______________ has been a friend to me when others were prejudiced.

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The Doctor Who Campaign: First Sketch

This is an old note from 2010, that stayed in draft for 5 years. I publish it now.

So I ask each player for 3 times/places his or her character would like to go.

I got some hot contenders already:

A dragon planet
a gothic 80ies time loop. (But where exactly?)
Ice planet: people without supplies coming any longer. (See Collapse by Jared Diamond)
A water planet (where water is drying up)

[Babylon or even older/first city. Ur?]

Here is the first FAWS7 sketch for the dragon planet:

Cave with dragon eggs. INTERACTION/PRICES Human kid arrives later on to pick up eggs. On moutain cliff.
The human village. INTERACTION More or less wander off area. Young dragons used as cattle.
The dragon conditioning grounds. ACTION Baby dragons get lobotomized here. Story of dragon war. ACTION dragon "riders" attack
The palace of the dragon riders. INTERACTION They value wild dragons, but those are super dangerous to village inhabitants.
The dragons' meeting place. INTERACTION Dragon king talks about freedom for his race, but his son is hostage.
The alien invasion fleet. ACTION Dragon-Men in spaceships wants to free dragons.

TWIST 1: The dragons are braincastrated by the humans.
TWIST 2: There is an invading army to save the dragons.
TWIST 3: The dragon king initiated it himself, so that noone can take his crown.

VILLAIN: Dragon king.

McGUFFIN: Dragon king assisted Time Lord.

Villain of campaign:

The Looper. Time Lord that wants to seperate universe and run local 47h loops with highest happiness score instead. Shorter loops are to energy intense to keep them running. The Looper is happy that the Time Lords can't mess with his plan any longer. The Doctor swaped time machines, because he hopes to find out about Looper by using the Tardis that was messed with (aka PC Tardis).

Primetime Adventures: The Dickinsons: Characters

The Dickinsons are one of the less fortunate families in Blackpool. They are shameless, but make the best out of life with too many people in the house.

Richard "Dick" Dickinson - Father (36)
Player: Agn
Edges: fast talker / pretty face
Connections: school nurse Chantel
Personal Set: the sofa
Nemesis: midget Jimmy-Patrick
Issue: job centre wants to find him something
Screen Presence: 2 - 3 -

Jennifer Dickinson - Wife (29)
Player: Jor
Edges: junkie body / worst voice
Connections: keyboarder and dealer Alex
Personal Set: rehearsal room
Nemesis: Tom, teen talent
Issue: wants to get rid of the kids
Screen Presence: 2 - 2 -

Here you can find the Pilot Episode.

Dungeon World Bonds

I am listing here all the bonds from Dungeon World by character class. They are a really great way of creating a relationship map between characters. Spirit of the Century for FATE offered a less elegant method for this already, but the players coming up with an adventure each that the character had with 2 other characters (the "co-stars").

_______________ is puny and foolish, but amusing to me.
_______________’s ways are strange and confusing.
_______________ is always getting into trouble—I must protect them from themselves.
_______________ shares my hunger for glory; the earth will tremble at our passing!

This is not my first adventure with _______________.
I sang stories of _______________ long before I ever met them in person.
_______________ is often the butt of my jokes.
I am writing a ballad about the adventures of _______________.
_______________ trusted me with a secret.
_______________ does not trust me, and for good reason.

_______________ has insulted my deity; I do not trust them.
_______________ is a good and faithful person; I trust them implicitly.
_______________ is in constant danger, I will keep them safe.
I am working on converting _______________ to my faith.

____________________ smells more like prey than a hunter.
The spirits spoke to me of a great danger that follows ______________.
I have showed ________________ a secret rite of the Land.
___________ has tasted my blood and I theirs. We are bound by it.

_______________ owes me their life, whether they admit it or not.
I have sworn to protect _______________.
I worry about the ability of _______________ to survive in the dungeon.
_______________ is soft, but I will make them hard like me.

_______________’s misguided behavior endangers their very soul!
_______________ has stood by me in battle and can be trusted completely!
I respect the beliefs of _______________ but hope they will someday see the true way.
_______________ is a brave soul, I have much to learn from them.

I have guided _______________ before and they owe me for it.
_______________ is a friend of nature, so I will be their friend as well.
_______________ has no respect for nature, so I have no respect for them.
_______________ does not understand life in the wild, so I will teach them.

I stole something from _______________.
_______________ has my back when things go wrong.
_______________ knows incriminating details about me.
_______________ and I have a con running.

_______________ will play an important role in the events to come. I have foreseen it!
_______________ is keeping an important secret from me.
_______________ is woefully misinformed about the world; I will teach them all that I can.

Adventures on Dungeon Planet:

_______________ enjoys my tales of life on Earth.
_______________ is the first person I met here, in this strange new world.
_______________ saved me from certain doom, and I must repay them.
_______________ was a faithful friend when I had nothing.

Engine of Destruction:
_______________ helped get me repaired when I was broken.
_______________ knows a secret about my construction!
_______________ understands me perfectly, even though I am a robot.
I was programmed to help _______________.

_______________ has been a friend to me when others were prejudiced.
_______________ will help me create a new mutant civilization.
I must prove to _______________ that I am a person too!
I will show _______________ the secrets hidden in these ruins.

_______________ is distrustful of machines. I will prove their value.
_______________ is proof that great things can be achieved without machines. I must match those achievements with mine own.
_______________ knows where something amazing is hidden. They must show me!
I must protect _______________ so they can help me with my work. They understand it.