Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Savage Synnibarr: Drake Hatchling

Agility: d6
Smarts: d4
Strength: d4
Spirit: d6
Vigor: d6

Charisma: 0
Pace: 6+d6

Fighting d6
Shooting d6

All Thumbs: Roll of 1 causes malfunction
Loyal:  never betray / dissappoint friends
Clueless: -2 common knowledge
Young: 3 attributes / 10 skill point; +1 benny

Armor: [4+2]
Attack; Melee [4] +2d6
Attack, Ranged [6+2] 3d6 Cone
Flight [8] 48 / 120 mph

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Savage Synnibarr: Creatures

Arberiverim (Sy349): Rat Swarm (Psi Cancellation Weakness)  + Superpower [Spells: Inflict Wounds + Invisible Defender]
Drake: Drake or Dragon (WC)
Rontu Bieel: mini devils
Sasquatch (Sy417): Ogres + Superpower: [Plane Phase, Sy263] Intangibility (from Phsyical and Energy) SHC43 (5PP)
Shark, Hammerhead (Sy420): 1-10; 15 feet, humanoid form (10 feet) SWDX140
Shark, Tiger (Sy420): 1-6; 15 feet; tiger form; Superpower: Paralysis
Tenjohussan (Sy426): Orcs + Superpower: [Sticky Tongue] Ensnare (Ranged) (5PP) SPC36 + Swinging (3PP) SHC55; Poison Claws [Lvl. 25] SWDX90
Tenjohussan Whale (Sy426): + Superpower [Sonic Attack]

Savage Synnibarr: Powers of NPC Adventurers

This is how the Super Power Points of standard NPC Guild members are spent:

Low Level:
Attack, Ranged SHC30 [Star Bolt Sy34]  2d6 (3PP)
Armor  SHC29 [Starfire Shield]  +6 Armor, except back (3PP)
Invent SHC44 5Lvls (10PP)
2 of 1d6
1[Ball Lighning] Sy200 Attack, Ranged 2d6 Medium Burst SHC30 (+2PP)
2[Eye of Alchemy] Sy202 
3[Lesser Elemental Summoning]
4Telekinesis [Mist of Force]
5[Transmute Matter Into Mist] Sy203
6[Transmute Self Into Air]
[Alchemist Pouch] Sy34

Low Level:
Strength: d12
[See Spirits] Sy35
Heal/AntiHeal [Gold/Red Hand]
[Call/Banish Spirits (of the Dead)] Sy36
Imitate Death
[Increase Strength and Reactions] SuperStrength d12+4 (4PP); Extra Action (3PP)
[Amazon Toolkit]
1 of 1d6
1[Chi Dim Mock Sy210] Attack, Melee +4d6 (8PP)
2[Chi Shout Sy210] Attack, Ranged: 3d6 Cone Template SHC30 (8PP)
3Create Chi Object Sy213
4[Fate Call] Luck (Extra Bennie) 
5Mind's Hand And Eye
6Teleport Sphere
7[Ward of Cloaking]Invisiblilty (to Magic, etc)
8Ward of Control

Low Level:
Immunity Sy65: to 2 Power Sources, needs activation SHC42 (2x3PP)
Absorption [Absorption Field] SHC21: Vigor Roll: Wounds by 1 Power Source on Attackers (9PP)
[Shadow Form] Sy66 -> Teleport, Read Minds (Touch), Attack, Melee