Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Savage Synnibarr city overview: Bwer-Rock

Bwer-Rock is a city state on the savannah island of Lystema. The island is quite big, around 200 km in diameter, and off the coast of the Enchanted Continent.

Bwer-Rock is on the South coast in Bwer Bay. To the West and Northwest it is protected from werewinds (that shut down technology and magic) by the Obsidian Shieldwall, a massive, 400 metre high cliff that encompasses the city in a 140 degree angle and even reaches out in the ocean for a few hundred metres.

Bwer-Rock is famous for it's 19 sky scrapers that are 1000s of years older than the current city. The scyscrapers contain a still functioning nano self repair system and are always clean.

*Glass Tower (Excelsior Hotel on top)
*Corkscrew Tower
*Black Tower
*Red Tower
*The Left Claw
*The Right Claw
*Waterfall Tower (Lizard Club near bottom)
*Neon Tower
*Marble Tower
*Fog Tower
*The Highest Tower
*The Light House
*The Unfinished Tower
*The Fortress (Government Tower, more shaped like a turtle)

Bwer-Rock citizens live in the towers, while something resembling a medieval town was built at the feet of the towers. The inhabitants of the undertown are barbaric and dangerous.

The current ruler is President Jonovian. She took over power eight years ago when she was able to lead a rebellion against the Blood Mage Fallbeik. She is supported by her Black Guard.

The 2nd most powerful house are the Gnomes. They control most of the trading.

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