Saturday, June 28, 2008

Brulus - My Luftenwelter Savage Worlds hunchback character

Brulus Gelmon

First draft:

"You are my friends!"
"You got this face for free!" (VCR)

Brulus is a hunchbacked mongrelkin rogue who never had a place to fit and follows his new found friends around like a dog.
He does not have any extrordinare qualities except that he does not feel abuse and pain any more.
He speaks funnily through his broken teeth and likes to hug.

Despite all the abuse he naively easily trusts anyone who shows him some respect or even sympathy.

Second draft:

Brulus is a deformed and hunchbacked human that looks as if he had blood of all kind of races in him. He is always tinkering with all kind of magic potions and disgusting ingredients.
He was shunned all his live in the big city and treated as an outcast. Now that he finally found a "family" he will try his best to keep them together.


Agility 4
Smarts 6
Spirit 6
Strength 4
Vigor 10


Boating (ag) 4
Climbing (st) 4
Fighting (ag) 4
Guts (sp) 4 (-2)
Lockpicking (ag) 4
Notice (sm) 4
Persuasion (sp) 4
Repair (sm) 4
Stealth (ag) 4
Taunt (sm) 4
Throwing (ag) 4
Weird Science (Alchemy) (sm) 6


Arcane Background: Weird Science (Alchemy)
Nerves of Steel
Improved Nerves of Steel


Ugly (min)
Loyal (min)
Yellow (maj)


Heal (Trapping: Hertie - slimey toad that licks off wounds)

Idea Brainstorming for the last CmC episode.

Okay, we played it already and we had to go for a cliff hanger end because after more than 3 hours our creative juices were all ejected, but it was amazing, especially until we nearly got stuck in the last scene. The next day I realized, it was the perfect first partof a 2 eposiodes season finale, but we will probably never play the last one. Still I got inspiration for a "hail the formless one!" conclusion for Tali.

This was some brainstorming I did before. Not everything was used though.

The captain was a integral part in creating the chemical weapon that ended the Freedom Wars.

The blue fog is the the chemical weapon.

The Federation left the soul of the captain on the holodeck, as a trap for the crew of the Gilgamesh.

The female captain ESTENGRA that abducted him is waiting down in the weapon factory with his body.

WAINE has to find a way to reconnect body and soul of the captain.

The captain's body was supposed to be the key to set free the ULTIMATE WEAPON.

TANI will be able to take over the factory with help of CLARA and ALGERNON.

Captain JAMES J. HERBERT will make an unpopular decision, once he is back alive.

He will be able to jump to the FEDERATION homeworld and blow it up - with his old crew?