Monday, March 21, 2011

Gamma World Vehicle Rules

Wizards of the Coast finally released the rules for vehicles for the new edition of Gamma World. They are available as free pdf. I was waiting for this a long time!

Finally porkers can ride motor bikes in battle. :)

Follow this link to find the Gamma World vehicle rules. 8 pages of fun! :)

There are stats for motorcycles, cars, pick up trucks, RVs, dump trucks and helicopters included. You will also find vehicle augmentations like sidecars and hover kits as well as turrets and mounted weapons. Not to forget stunts, as well as stunt catastrophes.

Everyone should print these 8 pages and put it in their Gamma World box!

And if you still need paper miniatures for the vehicles how about this? Flat paper miniature vehicles. Those are not for free though, you can also check my articles on free paper minis for other options...