Thursday, August 6, 2015

Savage Synnibarr: Red Glow in the Lizard Club

Trush, Dita and Rolf Choke finish their Pegasus shopping, when Airy, the Shadow Master, finally arrives in Bwer-Rock and joins them.

While Rolf Choke flies off, they decide to finish their mission by bringing the suitcase to the Lizard Club. Airy uses the Unclosed Door to create a flying scooter while the other 2 uses their pegasi.

They land on the platform before the Lizard Club and notice 5 giant bouncers there - shrunk into human size. Trush mentally controls two of them, including the boss, and makes those enter the Club. Airy creates the illusion that the boss returns and orders another one to come along.

Now Trush control the last 2 outside. The group enters the Lizard Club with them. In the hallway they notice that there are 6 rooms on the side with people chatting and one closed door at the end of the hallway.

Dita sends a ghost through the closed door, but the ghost just disappears and can't be reached even by telepathy.

Then the other giants return from a room towards the end of the hallway. Airy creates a solid illusion cage around them, but the giants are able to break it. Dita uses her Chi Shout to take them out, but while wrecking the hallway, the giants are not really impressed impressed either. Trush uses the 2 mind controlled giants as a wall of defense. And then opens the suitcase. The giants stare at it and the leader really uses his sanity. He has an expression of utter fear and while the other 2 bouncers are able to close their eyes in time, he starts wrestling them.

Trush passes by them and opens the closed door. He enters a room with no light on, but his Radar Sense still gives him a good overview of what is in there. Next to a huge statue of dwarf, a red mirror covers the wall. Trush opens the suitcase and the red glow comes out. He dares to open his robot eyes finally and sees that the glow flew out of the suitcase and melted with the mirror.

Airy in the meantime was able to overcome the mad giant with a PSI bolt and Dita convinces the other giant to relax after the fight and that they are not opponents.

Now the mirror drips to the floor and forms into a humanoid shape: that of a sleeping woman. Her skin seems to be made out of reddish metal. Airy probes her mind and realizes that she dreams of a plain with a Sickle tower, floating around it.

 Trush is able to wake her up. Together they leave the Lizard Club and while everyone tries to convince the red woman to fly on their mean of transport into the sunrise, Trush is most convincing in the end. She hold him tight on his pegasus.

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