Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Doctor Who Campaign: First Sketch

This is an old note from 2010, that stayed in draft for 5 years. I publish it now.

So I ask each player for 3 times/places his or her character would like to go.

I got some hot contenders already:

A dragon planet
a gothic 80ies time loop. (But where exactly?)
Ice planet: people without supplies coming any longer. (See Collapse by Jared Diamond)
A water planet (where water is drying up)

[Babylon or even older/first city. Ur?]

Here is the first FAWS7 sketch for the dragon planet:

Cave with dragon eggs. INTERACTION/PRICES Human kid arrives later on to pick up eggs. On moutain cliff.
The human village. INTERACTION More or less wander off area. Young dragons used as cattle.
The dragon conditioning grounds. ACTION Baby dragons get lobotomized here. Story of dragon war. ACTION dragon "riders" attack
The palace of the dragon riders. INTERACTION They value wild dragons, but those are super dangerous to village inhabitants.
The dragons' meeting place. INTERACTION Dragon king talks about freedom for his race, but his son is hostage.
The alien invasion fleet. ACTION Dragon-Men in spaceships wants to free dragons.

TWIST 1: The dragons are braincastrated by the humans.
TWIST 2: There is an invading army to save the dragons.
TWIST 3: The dragon king initiated it himself, so that noone can take his crown.

VILLAIN: Dragon king.

McGUFFIN: Dragon king assisted Time Lord.

Villain of campaign:

The Looper. Time Lord that wants to seperate universe and run local 47h loops with highest happiness score instead. Shorter loops are to energy intense to keep them running. The Looper is happy that the Time Lords can't mess with his plan any longer. The Doctor swaped time machines, because he hopes to find out about Looper by using the Tardis that was messed with (aka PC Tardis).

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