Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cool Synnibarr monster to use

Ape, Mutant: the X-men in ape form. Also see Baboon, Mutant and Baboon, Psionic
Ape, Thunder: King Kong
Apple, Gold: collects gold in it's roots, but fruit nullifies powers. Hypnotic scent.
Apple, Silver: total nourishment for 24 hours
Sea, Bear: 4.5 metre, shoots beams from eyes
Berry, Mist: eat and turn into mist for some time
Broch: bigger gecko whose spit is nullifying
Cat, Nerieye: winged cats that can tranform in lions. Telepathy with owner.
Clam, Giant Mutant Fire: Kathar sea, shoots energy blasts.
Cobra, Giant: hypnosis
Cobra, Winged: Major opponent!
Crab people: people with pincers and antennas
Crocopede: centipede with crocodile head; 3 metres long
Death Porter: organic electronic robots: Giant Metal Spider -> Killer Whale -> Giant Metal Eagle; teleporter and electricity vampires
Demon Mist: vampire cloud

Here you can get an overview on the Synnibarr aliens

UDF: United Drake Force (disbanded)

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