Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Savage Synnibarr: Prison break!

After the fight with the Drake, the senior adventurers, Trush, Dita and Rolf decide to go shopping and leave Gorgoroth and Douro on their own on the rooftop.

While most of the kitchen staff still cheers, the Chameleon Drake and the Golden Tiger notice that one of the cooks is eyeing them weirdly.

With telepathy and mind control Gorgoroth is able to search the thoughts of the cook. The Chameleon Drake finds out that the cook, named Sergio Suspa, is wondering if he should ask the two adventurers for help. His sister Jessica is in prison and he feels that she was unfairly convicted.

They start a conversation with Sergio and he tells them more: he can't believe that she was behind a couple of Plant Men running amok. Sergio begs the adventurers to free her.

While the two are not sure his story is true, they decide to talk to Jessica themselves and fly over to the Fortress, the main government building that also houses the prison.

The Golden Tiger whose Tiger Fire is always burning brightly when he flies stays outside, while the Chameleon Drake is invisible and intangible and enters the prison. With mind control he finds out where Jessica is: on the lowest of 3 floors. But instead of going straight there, he starts to take over the guards one after another and let's them unlock prison doors.

Finally he makes it to Jessica's cell. He starts whispering in the woman's mind and wakes her up from her sleep. At first he wants to scare her, but then he let's her tell her story: she is an Archer adventurer and tells that she found out that a senator named Pekollor Faceman is actually an evil mage. She accidently stumbled across a dark ritual by Faceman outside the city and after noone believed her she decided to take him down herself. She grew seven Plant Men from seeds in her garden to support her. But when the Black Guard - the elite squads of the government - raided her home shortly before she wanted to attack Faceman, the Plant Men started to run amok and killed three innocent citizens before being taken out.

She ended up in prison, and was able to cover up her plan, despite suspicion because of her former allegations.

Gorgoroth calls Douro to break the outer cell wall, but despite his extraordinary strength and Tiger Fire, he fails initially and more and more prison guards are sent against him. In the meantime the hypnotized guards let more and more prisoners out and with the alarm being heard in the whole compound and fight starts.

Douro is able to soak a good hit by an antipower Bazooka and at last moment, before being forced to flee on the roof of the priosn, evaporates the wall. Gorgoroth who has created more chaos inside in the meantime. Invisibly carries Jessica, and with his mind control let's the guard commanders on the outside of the building give orders to retreat, as well as forcing one to shoot the bazooka operator. The following chaos allows him to take Jessica to the roof, where Douro is waiting.

Together they fly off, only to notice that they are chased by two flying police gliders. Douro who is faster and the opposite of invisible, decides to distract the the gliders while invisible Gorgoroth carries Jessica away. It takes the Golden Tiger some time to get rid of the police between the 19 towers of Bwer-Rock, but in the end he is successful and meets Golgoroth on the rooftop terrace of Excelsior Hotel.

Sister and brother are united. The assault on the prison and the following escape of the Golden Tiger are all over the news, as well as the prison riot. While Douro talks to Jessica, and calms her down, Gorgoroth threatens Sergio telepathically. He gets a promise and contract out of him, to hand the chameleon drake over his firstborn. Sergio came up with this idea, because he is gay and does not plan to have kids anyways. The chameleon drake takes residence in the cook's apartment.

Douro brings Jessica in the meantime to his friend Darkmonk, who looks exactly like the name implies. Darkmonk resides in the sewers of Bwer-Rock where he has gathered orphan outcasts around him that he saved when they were still babies. He advices Douro not to wear his Tiger uniform any longer and offers him a cosmetic operation if necessary to alter his face.

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