Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monster Manual Plot Hooks 2

I continue here ideas for low level monster encounters. You can also go to my original Monster Manual Plot Hooks.

Bullywug (MM2: p.28)
In a small village inn the player characters encounter a pretty, dressed up girl that is flirting with them. She tries really hard to pick them up and maybe even breaks down if not having success. She was sent by the elders of a starving fishing hamlet near a swamp to "buy" some heroes. The inhabitants have no money at all and not even food since bullywugs moved in the swamp and make the animals turn away.
The elders are willing to give the girl to the heroes "as present" and are quite open about it, if they are able to slay the bullywugs. (The local knight was sent off to fight in the civil war (see under Orcs in the post)).
The swamp screams from the strange aura of the bullywug and fish for example jumped on land and died there. The bullywugs established this small settlement, when they had to flee the pirate ship of Charyptoroth (Aventuria demon) they were serving on.
Maybe the tell of their former captain (not a bullywug, maybe a Warlock) who could become a reoccuring character.
The girl begs the heroes to marry her and take her along, as she would have no future in the hamlet even now that it is saved.

Goblins (MM: p.135; MM2: p.130)
Goblins are also inhabitants of the Feywild (see Manual of the Planes, p.40). They use fey crossings to enter the human world and sneak straight into buildings, stealing food and abducting animals and children. Imagine them more like the kobolds from the German folklore: sneaky bastards, that love to laugh about mischief and pranks they do. Some of them probably even are servants of bored Eladrin that don't feel compasion for humans.

Human (MM: p.162; MM2:144)
Especially Human Rabble, Bandits and Guards are the standard enemies in all campaigns. There are different human factions and they are fighting each other most of the time. Whereever the PCs go, they have to decide which side they are on and every of this decisions makes them enemies.
Human Mages (MM: p.163) are also a common thread, as they love to settle in dungeons and use Humunculi (MM2: P.143).
Human Nobles (MM2: P.148) are known for their arrogance and while they are just a tad too dangerous for Level 1 PCs, it is really hard not want to attack them sometimes...
Especially the civil war gives many reasons to fight humans.

Infernal Armor Animus (Minion Devil) (MM2: p.66)
Another fantasy classic, especially in European youth books. Their powers help other demons but for a low level party they are mostly impressive opponents without too much power.

Rat (MM: p.219)
Giant Rats, Rat Swarms and even Dire Rats are annoying critters that live in the sewers. Wererats and goblins sometimes send them in battle. And we did not even talk yet about rat kings and fairy tale rat catchers...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Free Dungeon Tiles RPG Tabletop Maps

Here you will soon find a list of free dungeon tiles and RPG and tabletop war game maps for games like D&D and Savage Worlds.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dungeons & Dragons Boardgame to 4th Edition

Over the weekend I have the chance playing D&D with my brothers. I use the stuff contained in Hasbro's 2003 D&D boardgame.
I did not bring any of my books, but with the quick start rules and internet access to the Compedium that is no problem.
I created the player characters with the character builder program.
There are plenty of miniatures of monsters as well. I list them here to create tactical interesting monster groups covering all roles. Some creatures are too high level for my purpose (Level 1 player characters), so I will change what they represent. Actually no problem at all because the ogre miniatures are for example much smaller as they are supposed to be.

5 goblins
6 skeletons
4 bugbears (=hobgoblins?)
3 jellys/ slimes
4 ogres (=orcs?)
5 gnolls
3 trolls
2 carrion crawlers (=fire beetles/guard drakes )
2 ghouls
3 wraiths
1 lich

EL1: 2 Goblin Warriors, 2 Fire Beetles, Goblin Blackblade
EL3: Hobgoblin Warcaster, 2 Hobgoblin Guards, 2 Skeletons
EL3: 2 Goblin Sharpshooters, 4 Goblin Warriors, 4 Goblin Cutters
EL4: 4 Phantom Warriors, Specter
EL4: 2 Cavern Chokers, 3 Hobgoblin Soldiers, Hobgoblin Warcaster