Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dungeon World Bonds

I am listing here all the bonds from Dungeon World by character class. They are a really great way of creating a relationship map between characters. Spirit of the Century for FATE offered a less elegant method for this already, but the players coming up with an adventure each that the character had with 2 other characters (the "co-stars").

Adventures on Dungeon Planet:
_______________ enjoys my tales of life on Earth.
_______________ is the first person I met here, in this strange new world.
_______________ saved me from certain doom, and I must repay them.
_______________ was a faithful friend when I had nothing.

Engine of Destruction:
_______________ helped get me repaired when I was broken.
_______________ knows a secret about my construction!
_______________ understands me perfectly, even though I am a robot.
I was programmed to help _______________.

_______________ has been a friend to me when others were prejudiced.
_______________ will help me create a new mutant civilization.
I must prove to _______________ that I am a person too!
I will show _______________ the secrets hidden in these ruins.

_______________ is distrustful of machines. I will prove their value.
_______________ is proof that great things can be achieved without machines. I must match those achievements with mine own.
_______________ knows where something amazing is hidden. They must show me!
I must protect _______________ so they can help me with my work. They understand it.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Random Relationship Table

Inspired by the Powered by the Apocalypse games, you can use this table to randomly decide what relationship 2 player characters had before the game started.

1 Siblings
2 Lovers (Ex-Lovers)
3 Coeds / Same Teacher
4 Teacher and Student
5 Jealousy / One sided love
6 Best friends
7 Predecessor
8 Common Nightmares / Visions
9 Common Possession / Heirs
10 Cousins
11 Fate (Randomly bump in each other regularly)
12 Partners / Coworkers

Random Crime Table

I want to run a mini campaign that is similar to GTA. The characters start in prison or an asylum.

Everyone of them has to roll on the "convicted for a crime" table. It's the player's choice if the character actually committed the crime, or if the conviction was for a crime the character was wrongly accused for.

01 Drug Possession
02 Prostitution
03 Theft
04 Tax Evasion
05 Vandalism
06 Arson
07 Bribery
08 Burglary
09 Car Theft
10 Self Justice / Lynching

11 Membership in an Illegal Organisation
12 Assault
13 Aggraveted Assault
14 Drug Dealing
15 Conspiracy
16 (Armed) Robbery
17 Forgery / Fraud
18 Extortion (Blackmailing)
19 Computer Crime
20 Rioting

21 Illegal Immigration
22 Kidnapping
23 Deadly Accident (potentially under the influence)
24 Manslaughter
25 Murder
26 Terrorism
27 Serial Murder
28 Dangerous Mental Condition
29 Publishing of Dangerous / Forbidden / Obscene Material
30 Forbidden to Mention (Kafkaesque)

Friday, January 9, 2015

My RPG Calendar 2015

8th OSB Rifts 7: Spektulon, the Techno Wizard black-marketeer (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat)
13th OSB Rifts 8: Purpur in the Octeyegon base (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat)
21st Paranoia (GC1)
22 OSB Rifts 9: Purpur's secret and the village in the fog (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat)
29 OSB Rifts 10: The Blood Druids  (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat)

5th OSB Rifts 11: Deals with Mephistoles  (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat)
12th OSB Rifts 12: The riftsway to Atlantis and the Rune Scythe (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat)
19th OSB Rifts 13: The 2nd treevision and a German spy (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat)

1st OSB Transdimensional 1: Stranded in a forgotten world (Kar; Nat, Jorg)
4th OSB Transdimensional 2: The crabmen obelisk  (Kar; Nat, Jorg)
5th OSB Transdimensional 3: The crabmen's ship  (Kar; Nat, Jorg)
12th OSB Rifts 14: On the way to the demon Millenium tree (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat)
17th OSB Transdimensional 4: The Peakers' town on the island  (Kar; Nat, Jorg)
19th OSB Rifts 15: Doctor Faustus in medieval Staufen (Jor; Hel, Kar)
24th OSB Transdimensional 5: Dungeon under Peakers' town (Kar; Nat, Jorg)
28th OSB Rifts 16: Spacehip of the Genesplicer (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat)

12th OSB Transdimensional 6: Tail crystals, brass bells & Peaker statues (Kar; Nat, Jorg)
16th OSB Rifts 17: Doctor Faustus' deal and the birth of a Millenium Tree (Jor; Hel, Nat)
23rd OSB Splittermond 1: Samhain at the burned out castle (Hel; Jor, Nat, Kar)
30th OSB Splittermond 2: The Lady of Glass Tears, Fairy Countess  (Hel; Jor, Nat, Kar) 

2nd OSB Transdimensional 7: The Tentacle-Man in the chamber of Hanging Peakers(Kar; Nat, Jor)

4th OSB Splittermond 3: Orc Attack! / Attacks on the orcs (Hel; Jor, Nat, Kar) 
17th OSB Transdimensional 8: The battle with the Shadow - Der mit dem Hummer tanzt (Kar; Nat, Jor)
19th OSB Transdimensional 9: The Captain and the Professor (Kar; Nat, Jor)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Lookthrough Skin

This symbiont clings to the wearer's skin and normally is invisible. Only when affected by pain and some magical effects it reacts.

It changes colour where hit

1. Red
2. Blue
3. Green
4. Yellow
5. Purple
6. Black
7. White
8. Orange

and emissions a substance

1. Powder
2. Liquid
3. Steam
4. Antsized humanoids

If the wearer loses a limb (even head) this regenerates and the rest of the body is cloned in a coloured cocoon. There are 2 skins now.
If the wearer loses an hand or foot or eye (or horn) this is engulfed in parts of the symbiont and slowly grows to gigantic size, steered by a will of its own. They can float.

Flächenschaden (auch Ringen/Festhalten): Nur Geschicklichkeit, nicht normale Rüstung schützt davor. Die getragene Rüstungsklasse wird allerdings vom Geschicklichkeitsbonus abgezogen.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

PtA: The Dickinsons: Ciaran saves the house (Episode 4)

Scene 1: Ciaran is still locked in the trunk of the car. Noone is able to open it.
Scene 2: The family drives the car to Anthony's house. But instead of Anthony an Italian, named Antonio, that looks a lot like Anthony, opens and helps the family with a metal cutter to open the trunk. Britney flirts with him and ask for help against the porn ring. He is interested, but Dick drags Britney in the car. She writes her phone number with lipstick against the window.
One question remains: is Anthony schizophrenic or is Antonio someone else?
Scene 3: The family gathers in the house. There is a fight between Dick and Jennifer. Dick tells that he will travel without his wife. And she actually supports him. Jackie O. gets super mental from prospect of the trip and it seems quite likely that he did consume amphetamines. Ciaran is able to stop him. Dick tells the family that he will go with his male kids and that Jennifer has to be out of the house by the time he returns. She asks him for money, but he denies.
Scene 4: The Dickinsons gather at the airport for the trip to start. There is another fight between Dick and Jennifer. She wants to get him back and is willing to drag him off to the toilets. He tells her to let him be and best kill herself. She really takes his advice serious and tells that she plans a drug part in the house that will only leave ruins and that she wants to kill herself via overdose during the party.
Scene 5: Ciaran and Jennifer are in the living room. She thinks about making the phone calls to get the party started, when Ciaran confronts her. He tells her to relax and that he wants to help her and that he will do everything to get a connection between them. Jennifer feels provoked by that and tells him that he should shoot up, if he is really serious, because otherwise he would never understand and that is just pretending to sacrifice something for her.
Exactly that moment Alex, Jennifer's dealer, walks in with a group of thugs. Alex wants the money she owes him, she tries to convince him that smashing the house in a great party would be worth her debt.
About the same time Anthony shows up. Ciaran is able to convince Alex together with Anthony that they should take Jennifer out of the house and make her pay the money back herself. Ciaran succeeds with Anthony's help and the thugs drag Jennifer out of the house.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

PtA: The Dickinsons: Grandma's Day Out (Episode 3)

Scene 1: Krishna comes to the house to summon grandmother's dead husband (Dino or Aleister) via ouija board. It really seems that a ghost is possessing various family members and when grandma asks how he died, he replies that he drowned in the sea and that one of the people in the room was present. When asked who it was, the possessed Britney points at grandma.
Scene 2: Britney has to buy dope for her mother, Jennifer, as she promised in the last episode. She goes to the squat where the rehearsal room is and after encountering some punks meets Alex, Jennifer's dealer and band mate. Jennifer calls in a few times, triggering Britney's Cry Me A River ringtone, but the girl gets Alex on her side and instead of the heroin, he gives some other pack as present. Ciaran listens in on Jennifer on the phone and figures out what is going on.
Scene 3: Britney leaves her purse on the couch back home and Jackie O. finds the pack and puts it in grandma's medicine storage. Grandma takes it shortly after. It seems to be amphetamines and she is able to get out of her wheelchair with it and gets Ciaran's scooter from in front of house, riding off.
Jennifer notices something is going on, but she is not able to figure out that Britney tricked her. At the same time Dick, is not able to hide the fact from her that grandma is on drugs. Britney tells Dick that her mother was asking her to get drugs, despite her promising to stop.
Scene 4: Ciaran, Britney and Dick look for grandma with the family car. They find her a few blocks away, stuck in the mud, but still speeding along. Ciaran is able to take the keys away from her, but in the following struggle, she locks him in the trunk with the car and scooter keys. The family takes grandma in the car and hearing Ciaran pegging to be let out of the trunk, Britney tries to open the lock with a kick.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

PtA: The Dickinsons: The Vacation Promise (Episode 2)

Scene 1: Jennifer, Ciaran, Jarmaine, Jacky O and Britney go to another town by car. Jennifer wants to make it to the Voice audition there. They see Dick leave the job centre there. Jennifer is able to steer the car into him, breaking his leg. Jarmaine gives her a black eye in the struggle.
Scene 2: Dick ends up in the hospital. When the family comes to visit, a police officer and Shantel, the school nurse, are in the room. Another fight engulfs. Jennifer convinces Dick to tell Shantel off and threatens her to never return to Blackpool. Jacky O. beats her up with a crutch while the police officer pretends nothing happened.
Scene 3: Dick and Jennifer are finally back together for a romantic dinner. She makes him promise to get rid of all the kids - by going on vacation without them. She promises him to go cold turkey the same night to save the relationship, because she hopes, they will never return to Blackpool anyways.
Scene 4: Dick talks to the rest of the family to find a baby sitter for the time of the trip. He wants Charmaine to do the job, but Britney forces herself in the foreground. She hopes by being a good baby sitter, she can convince everyone that she can be a good mother. At the same time Jacky O. gets a promise out of Dick to take him along for the vacation.
Scene 5: Jennifer is suffering withdrawal in the bedroom. Britney comes in and tells the truth about the trip, and Dick's broken promise. But Jennifer has other issues: she convinces Britney to bring her dope from Alex, her dealer and keyboarder, for a last time, so that she stop for good.
Scene 6: Ciaran and Charmaine take the kids to the beach. Anthony, Ciaran's infamous friend shows up as well to get Jacky O. for a job. But Ciaran wants to hook him up with Charmaine. Charmaine takes care of him, but leaves him naked and humiliated on the beach afterwards. He runs of without talking to Jacky O.
Scene 7: Stephen, Dick's social worker friend shows up in the house for some tough love. Jennifer makes it clear, that she expects Dick to get the contradicting promises to her and Jacky O. sorted out. Dick tells Stephen that he has to do the vacation to Jersey for one week to sucessfully get Jennifer over her addiction and that there is a boarding school where Jacky O. would get a chance, he will not have in Blackpool. Stephen buys in and gives him the week. His broken leg should actually make it easier for Dick to get a job, Stephen tells, because there are special quotas for handicapped people.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

PtA: The Dickinsons: Britney's Decision (Episode 1)

Scene 1: Britney talks to Chaimaine in the latter's room. Charmaine wants to convince her not to have the baby because of what the birth did to her body and somehow she gets doubts into Britney, but at the same time Charmaine feels a strong connection to Britney.
Scene 2: Ciaran tries to convince the scooter gang in the corner pub to help him with his scooter robbery, but accidently gives him a champagne bottle filled with bad stuff. The bike gang leader throws up and Ciaran has to flee. Jacky O. is able to steal one of their scooters with help of shop owner Krishna.
Scene 3: Jacky O. tries to convince Charmaine in the hair salon to give him access to illegal stuff from the money from the scooter. He is able to film his father Dick in the stall with the school nurse, Shantel. He is able to run off. Grandma has incontinence issues and in the end the whole family helps her.
Scene 4: Ciaran drives grandma and Britney somewhere. The biker gang shows up and threatens him and offends the family. Ciaran is able to scare them off by mentioning his friend Anthony and playing a tough guy. They really leave, but tell that one day they will get him, when he is a alone. At the same time a biker called Mickey convinces Britney to ride of with her. (She explains to herself that she can protect her family this way.)
Scene 5: Dick goes to Jennifer's rehearsal room, where she lies on the floor wasted. He wants to convince her to come back, but Britney comes in with the video from Jacky's cell phone. As she shows it to Jennifer, Dick's arguments are destroyed, but he also gets more angry.
Scene 6: A flashback to before Scene 5: Mickey takes Britney too an empty storehouse. He wants to convince her to get into the movie business, because she is special and could make 3000 bucks a week. At first she is unsure, but in the end she gives in.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Primetime Adventures: The Dickinsons - A family with benefits - Pilot

Scene 1: Social Worker Steven shows up at the house of the jobless Dickinson family to tell father that he needs to get a job at Tesco. But Steven is seduced by Dick's sister who also lives in the house. Dick has to clean the grandmother in the meantime in the bathroom.
Scene 2: Grandmother has old scooter gang friends over for lunch. Dick listens in that they want to rob the Tesco. He tries to convince them not to do it, but they don't listen.
Scene 3: Dick goes to Tesco to apply for the job, but the scooter gang is robbing the store at the same time. He tells them to fuck off, but they threaten him and he decides to better call the police from at home. His brother Ciaran wants to steal one of the gang's scooters in front of Tesco in the meantime, but the gang is too fast and he has to leave before he is seen.
Scene 4: Dick tries to call the police from his place, but his kids, Jacky O. and Britney, are too noisy and he is not being taken serious by the police. They hang up on him. In the meantime Jacky O. plunders the medicament storage and accidently swallows viagra.
Scene 5: Ciaran is back home in the evening and tries to convince Dick to steal a truck full of bikes with him. But Dick convinces him to do it together with the scooter gang instead.
Scene 6: Jacky takes his grandmother and his sister Britney for a walk. He wants help because of the viagra and barely escapes his grandmothers "help". In the chaos fails to hook him up with her friend Anna, as it was her plan.
Scene 7: Britney back home starts a fight with Dick's wife Jennifer. Britney mentions that she is pregnant, and Jennifer wants to convince her to have an abortion. Britney is strictly against and get Jennifer to leave the house - saying she will never come back. Dick is totally pissed at Jennifer for making his wife leave.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

My RPG Calendar 2014


5th Zwillingsseen B4: 20 years in the Temple of Icedeath (Jor; Mig, Agn, Mar, Fer, Ale)
11th Zwillingsseen A9: The Invisible Gnome Killer (Jor; Hel, Jos, May)
20th Primetime Adventures: Family with Benefits - Pilot, Scene 1 and 2 (Jor; Agn, Mig, Ale)
26th PtA: The Dickinsons - Family with Benefits - Pilot, Scene 3-7 (Jor; Agn, Mig, Vin, Mar, Fer, Kar)
27th PtA: Zwillingsseem A10: Return to the Temple of the Goddess in Green (Jor; Hel, Jos, May)

6th Zwillingsseen A11: The Wickerman at the Northern Lake (Jor; Hel, Jos, Agn, Ire, Sai)
19th PtA: The Dickinsons: S1E01 - Britney's Decision (Jor; Agn, Mig, Vin, Mar, Fer, Ale)
20th Zwillingsseen A12: Sailing to Hantur (Jor; Hel, Jos, Agn)

3rd Zwillingsseen A13: From the Red Tower to the slave's dungeons (Jor; Hel, Jos, May)
9th PtA: The Dickinsons: S1E02 - The Vacation Promise (Vin; Agn, Jor, Mar, Fer, Ale)
10th Zwillingsseen A14: Giant Hands and the Membram Flag (Jor; Hel, Jos, Kar)
23rd PtA: The Dickinsons: S1E03 - Grandma's Day Out (Mar; Agn, Jor, Vin, Mig, Fer)

1st Zwillingsseen A15: A young White Dragon (Jor; Hel, Jos, Kar, Nat)
22nd Zwillingsseen A16: The Goddess in Green falls (Jor; Hel, Jos, Kar, Nat)

4th PtA: The Dickinsons: S1E04 - Ciaran saves the house (Mig; Agn, Jor, Fer, Mar)

3rd Savage Worlds: CPA 1: Stuttgart Surveillance (Hel; Jor, Nat, Kar)
17th Savage Worlds: CPA 2: Goran am Bodensee (Hel; Jor, Nat, Kar)


30th OSB RIfts: Character Creation (Jor; Kar, Hel, Mig)

7th OSB Rifts 1: Ambush of the Needleteeth Dwarves (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat, Mig, Agn)
14th OSB Rifts 2: Fight at the VTOL plane crash site (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat, Mig, Agn)
21st OSB Rifts 3: Flight to the Millenium Tree (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat, Mig, Agn)
28th OSB Rifts 4: The dream in the Tree (Jor; Hel, Kar)

13th OSB Rifts 5: The demon under Freiburg tent camp (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat)
27th OSB Rifts 6: Return to the demon bunker (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat, Jea)

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