Monday, July 20, 2015

Savage Synnibarr 18: A drake in the rooftop lounge

After defeating the Red Ninjas, it was clean up time. Trush hacked into the skyscraper computer system to summon a whole group of cleaning bots.

Around the same time another new adventurer showed up: a Golden Tiger called Douro. The square jawed super martial artist introduced himself and had a warmer welcome than the Chameleon Drake less than an hour before.

While the cleaning was still in progress, he heard first that something huge was flapping its wings nearby: a Scarlett Drake was closing in on the rooftop lounge of Excelsior Hotel.

Gorgoroth decided to fly towards him and make contact. The Drake told him to step to the side so her could have revenge on the group of Drake killers. Gorgoroth tried to use hypnosis on him, but failed. The Drake swooped in and pushed him to the side with his gigantic tail.

Gorgoroth had good luck that he was just hurled away and not seriously hurt. In the meantime Rolf Choke and Trush disappeared inside the bar toilets to "change". Rolf activated his Invisibility Coat, while Trush turned into a hatchling drake.

Douro decided to take the suitcase in security in the meantime. He flew off with it and hid it in the elevator of window cleaners on the outside.

Despite the Drake attacking with his fire breath, the aventurers were able to step out of the way, and Dita tried to talk reason into  it in the meantime. She tried to convince him that she was not part of the Drake Killing Crew and had no bad intention. But the Drake wanted proof. Luckily Dita still had the ghost of a baby drake from the ancient temple city of the drakes in her ghost lamp.

While the ghost himself was initially not convinced that he could trust her, she was able to get him at her side, because she had the end of Shining Wind as proof on her side. The drake ghost agreed to intervene on her behalf.

While the drakes were talking, and the ghost convinced the Red Drake to leave, Rolf Choke sneaked in. With a heroic jump he hauled himself 6 meters over the side of the skyscraper on the back of the Drake. But while he found the perfect spot for a Nerve Pinch kill, this time he had no luck. A weird scale blocked the deadly of his katana.

The Drake did not know what was on his back, but got mental. He charged into a lower floor of the Excelsior to scratch the thing of his back off. But Rolf Choke was fast enough to jump off and stick to the outer wall of the skyscraper.

While the Drake went berserk inside the too tight hallway, Douro went for an attack.

With his incredible speed and his fists of the steel, he wounded the creature. Two good hits of Tiger Fire, took the Drake nearly out. But then the giant dragon opened his gigantic snout and swallowed the muscular man in his tiger costume as a whole. Most adventurers would probably have been ripped apart by the giant teeth, but Douro was able to get into the muzzle as a whole.

This was the perfect position. With a powerful smash he vaporized the brain of the Drake from below. The monster was death. But while Gorgoroth mourned the dead creature, Trush focused to see how he could make money out of the corpse.

He was able to sell all the body parts to interested party that had contacted the group before. With the money he bought himself a laser sword, and three pegasi, one white, one brown, one black, for the group.

Next: Prison Break!

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