Thursday, June 5, 2014

PtA: The Dickinsons: Ciaran saves the house (Episode 4)

Scene 1: Ciaran is still locked in the trunk of the car. Noone is able to open it.
Scene 2: The family drives the car to Anthony's house. But instead of Anthony an Italian, named Antonio, that looks a lot like Anthony, opens and helps the family with a metal cutter to open the trunk. Britney flirts with him and ask for help against the porn ring. He is interested, but Dick drags Britney in the car. She writes her phone number with lipstick against the window.
One question remains: is Anthony schizophrenic or is Antonio someone else?
Scene 3: The family gathers in the house. There is a fight between Dick and Jennifer. Dick tells that he will travel without his wife. And she actually supports him. Jackie O. gets super mental from prospect of the trip and it seems quite likely that he did consume amphetamines. Ciaran is able to stop him. Dick tells the family that he will go with his male kids and that Jennifer has to be out of the house by the time he returns. She asks him for money, but he denies.
Scene 4: The Dickinsons gather at the airport for the trip to start. There is another fight between Dick and Jennifer. She wants to get him back and is willing to drag him off to the toilets. He tells her to let him be and best kill herself. She really takes his advice serious and tells that she plans a drug part in the house that will only leave ruins and that she wants to kill herself via overdose during the party.
Scene 5: Ciaran and Jennifer are in the living room. She thinks about making the phone calls to get the party started, when Ciaran confronts her. He tells her to relax and that he wants to help her and that he will do everything to get a connection between them. Jennifer feels provoked by that and tells him that he should shoot up, if he is really serious, because otherwise he would never understand and that is just pretending to sacrifice something for her.
Exactly that moment Alex, Jennifer's dealer, walks in with a group of thugs. Alex wants the money she owes him, she tries to convince him that smashing the house in a great party would be worth her debt.
About the same time Anthony shows up. Ciaran is able to convince Alex together with Anthony that they should take Jennifer out of the house and make her pay the money back herself. Ciaran succeeds with Anthony's help and the thugs drag Jennifer out of the house.