Saturday, July 18, 2015

Talislanta One Shot FAWS7

This is another old draft I found and publish now after 5 years:

While I have some basic ideas for a Talislanta one shot of some research in the meantime, I try to bring it in playable (=not railroadish) form by creating a FAWS7 write up.

I love that Talislanta feels a lot like the dreamland stories by HP Lovecraft, so I decided to choose a setting that reflects this better than the Seven Kingdoms. Those are a little bit cheesy with their whole free love and seminaked Muses vibe anyways. ;)

The cursed city of Marduk seems to be a cool place, but it should tied in a little bit with the Seven Kingdoms to shift the game westwards in the future. (=one line idea or title)

Street to Maruk: encounter with Sindarin equs merchant and collector who wonders about the duality between Phaedrans and Wild Men INTERACTION There is also risk that the heroes don't come to the city in time before the cursed month starts.
Gate (p.33): Guards don't want to let them enter at first, because the think it is a bad omen if strange travelers come shortly before the cursed months. INTERACTION
House of Customs (p.33): Sent there by guards, but nobody controls if they are really going there.
House of Oracles (p.33)

Some inn in Maruk (House of Sorrows?, p.34)
Old Maruk Palace = Dung Warehouse

Sindarin asks them to take care of his 4 equs and disappears while healing
girl that was sent away from home, because she is cursed and her husband will only take her back if she brings Talisman from House of Fortune

Sindarin equs merchant: wants to get healed from sickness in the House of Fate

Honestly: this notes lead nowhere, but noone needs to read them. Don't complain about free stuff! ;-)

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