Monday, November 5, 2012

Synnibarr Aliens

Ardimians: p. 353; humanoid energy beings with mohawks; like Helderem (Major)
Bendra'katar: p. 357: redskins with mind control virus (Major)
Drake, Space: p.374; on asteroids around Synnibarr (Major)
Drell'dem'se: p. 376; plantlike octupus with 3 legs and arms and tentacle (Major)
Helderems: p. 384; blueskinned wrestling elves; telekinesis, telepathy, illusion; Battle Armor (Major)
Iloka'ssen: p. 389; silicone based; stone praying mantis, magic; only like Drell'dem'se (Major)
Neria Bendix: p. 405; insect dinosaurs; light membrane; highest tech in universe (Major); Tech Trooper; Supertrooper
Xiapathians: p. 436; giant blue brains with tentacles; Shadow Master enemies; best PSI in universe (Major)