Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PtA Hell Pilot (Primetime Adventures)

These are the 4 player characters from our 2009 PtA (Primetime Adventures) pilot. We did not get a name for the show yet, but I gave it the working title Hell. It's about 2 demons and 2 tormented souls that are sent on missions by their boss Uloroth. The vision of Hell we portray is more or less a satire of everyday office life.

Concept: Evil god turned toy
Edges: Trickster + Cuteness
Connections: Cult of me
Personal set: Shrine
Nemesis: Marilyn de Rossi
Issue: Being a toy/ cute
[Fanmail after pilot: 1]

Helmut the Bear
Concept: cynical sadist - fallen angel
Edges: Aggressive + Pyromaniac
Connections: Nero's ghost
Personal set: kindergarten
Nemesis: The Society
Issue: kids love to pick on me
[Fanmail after pilot: 1]

Concept: dual personality serial killer: polite and calm or savage
Edges: Serial Killer + Dual Personality
Connections: child - psycho killer to be in training
Personal set: houses on earth
Nemesis: The Society - holy demon hunters
Issue: Not fully controlling wild site
(Fanmail after pilot: 2)

Concept: humanoid cat with cow head (from hell)
Edges: cat + receptionist/ secretary
Connections: big boss
Personal set: hair loss centre; nice treatment, personal assistent
Nemesis: Marilyn de Rossi
Issue: Rossi and her gang making fun of me + her getting her hands on me
(Fanmail after pilot: -)

What happend in the session?
The 4 working were called by there boss Uloroth to come up with a special mission, to boost their little piece of hell's reputation. Jack, a former business man, had the idea to get his former publicist involved.
So Uloroth sent them up to New York City. It was helloween and when they encountered some kids walking around, Ushi and Helmut could not hold back and started attacking. One kid was run over by a car and when people gathered to help the kid, Helmut pretended wanting to do First Aid. But nobody trusted the guy looking like a Furrie, especially when nearly breaking the kid's arm.
In the end the people mocked him and drove him away and they were convinced that there was still hope in NYC when a people worked together to save a kid. The demons could not stand the smell of goodness and had to leave the scene.
Uloroth returned them to hell, but said to give them a second chance.
This time they were teleported right in front of the skyscraper George McCullan, the publicist, had his office in.
Still downstairs they had a discussion with a receptionist, who answered to Jack, while the 2 furries and the toy were going on each others neck.

Proposed working title:
Our little piece of Hell

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Free Paper Miniatures Flat Figures and Minis

Here you find lots of free paper miniatures and figure flats!

I initially copied this part of Savagepedia here, because people can now directly link to a resource of cut out paper miniatures - or "figure flats" as they are called nowadays by Pennicle. (Obviously you can use this images not only for Savage Worlds, but also for Dungeons & Dragons (aka D&D) or any other RPG.) Before you had to scroll down the Gaming Aids page on Savagepedia.

In the meantime I added lots of extra resources that are not up on savagepedia yet.

Arion Games Paper Miniature Freebies - Free samples from all genres by commercial provider
Cardboard SuperHeroes - Generic, Marvel and DC Heroes
The Fantasy Trip Pieces - Adventurers, Goblins, Kobolds, Orcs, Toltecs and more to print, cut and add to your game.
Fiery Dragon's The Castle of Shadows - Link to pdf with free fantasy counter collection
Free Paper Toys - A huge link collection to paper miniatures and 3D paper models.
Greywolf's Fonts, paper models and map tiles.
Mike's Minis - Stick figure paper minis
Models & Miniatures in Paper - Huge collection of quality models for many genres. Very cool!
Modern Ops Figure Flats - For the Modern Ops showdown game
One Monk Miniatures - Fantasy, Sci-fi, and more. Plenty of free pdf's.
Paper Soldiers for Junior Generals - A //massive// archive of historical cutout figs free to use.
Patrick's Cardboard Warriors - Cute, cartoonish, and perfect for pulp.
Planet of the Paper People - From, new and free flats added every month.
Triple Ace Game's Daring Tales Pulp Figure Flats Preview - One page with Nazis etc.
32mm Androids & Robots" - Made with HeroMachine 2.5 (print & build instructions included).

Paper buildings and vehicles (German site)

I hope, you get some use out of these free paper minis!


Cars and Spaceships on Pup's Playground.
Aztecs, Indios and Slaves on Obsidian Serpent
Free fairies by Sanity Studios. Link at bottom of the page. They also have a lot more stuff for sale.
Paper Friends (especially super heroes and Doctor Who Paper Miniatures, some including Torchwood as photo miniatures) by Seven Wonders.

If you know any other good resource, please write a comment! I will add it to the list and you help all your fellow mini and RPG fans.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Synnibarr Characters - One Shot Approved

You can read about my Synnibarr one shot if you follow the link.
Here you can find the links to the 3 player character sheets as pdf files.
Not all of them are created completely by the book, but then
a samurai with laser sword,
a bomb dropping fairy - sorry: flygirl... - and
an undercover cyborg posing as a wereman
are unconventional even for Synnibarr. The would make a great comic book hero team though!

Lost treasures of Synnibarr

These Synnibarr resources are not online any longer, but you can find them archived in Wayback Machine:

Niilo Paasivirta's hilarious Synnibarr page

The Sexy Naked Gamer Chick's Guide To Creating A Character In World of Synnibar

You also should not miss the the (Let's Read) The World of Synnibarr thread on It proves that people finally start to appreciate Raven c.s. McCracken as the genius he is.

Raven McCracken himself nowadays posts on the Synnibarr facebook page I initiated. I am the second moderator next to the man himself there and call myself NonRaven.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Brulus wants to do in the dungeon

Give the rats some love potioned food.
Rest to mix some potions.

Actually with the 3 hours duration Brulus should be able to keep one creature permanently under control. :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Aventuria Hex Map (The Dark Eye)

I was finally able to find the "Aventurien-Hex-Karte" from the old first edition Abenteuer-Ausbauspiel online. :) Now it should be easy to organize a Schwarzes Auge Aventurien sandbox game. One hex is 75km. That is too much to walk in a day, but should be 2 walking days in okay terrain. Actually it makes sense, because this way cities are somewhat detached from the rest of the hex. And on horseback you should be able to make one hex a day.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hadalis - Eladrin Druid (DnD4)

This is going to be my character in a D&D4 online campaign with my Viennese GM Flanf.
We will use these RPtools for an online map etc.
Last night I spent 1 hour creating a character with him online. I always wanted to play an Eladrin in D&D4 - something outworldish, fairy tale like and distant from normal beings. Turning into an animal seems to fit that theme quite well. So I went for a druid. I guess it does not matter so much that the character is not too optimized.

Hadalis is an overly slim, tall Eladrin. It's hard to figure out if Hadalis is male or female. One second this Eladarin looks male to you, but with a shift in light, Hadalis looks female.
Her wild shape is that of a big white snake.
Even in humanoid form her skin is completely white - like marble. Her eyes have a snakish yellow tone. The long hair is also white.
She was born in a tower on the dark sea cliffs of the Feywild, child to Eladrin of lower nobility. She is promised to marry her twin brother, but he seems to have disappeared recently. Is he only playing a game with her, doesn't he want her, or is there more to the story? Anyways: there is this tree they stuck a dagger in and in case anything will happen to him, the dagger will rust.
Her druid powers come natural to her, because she used to run through the deep forests, where Feywild and mortal world shift into each other. One moment you are in the one, the next one in the other without noticing - except that you feel someone is watching you.

If all of this is not cheesy enough, how about giving her the last name Fogtear? ;)

Maybe I still change Hadalis to male - not that it makes much difference. And maybe the twincest part e goes away too as it's quite cliché that I play girls like this...