Sunday, July 26, 2015

Savage Synnibarr: The Lizard Club

This is the original write up. In the actual game the ghost was dropped, to make the adventure not run over time. (The police did not show up either.)

The Lizard Club is a gentlemen's club in Bwer-Rock's Waterfall Tower.

It's on the lower floors. The entrance is on the opposite site of the waterfall. Entrance is invitation only. 5 giant bouncers protect the shiny door and also serve as valets. They are normally shrunk, but take their normal size in case of fights. (FightD8;SpiritD8;Tough13;DmgD12+2fists)

Behind the entrance is an elven butler who is always subservient. A hallway leads to 8 different lounge rooms and at the end: a main room with a huge statue and a big red mirror.

Inside the club are 2d4 members at any time. They are predominantly human. In case of a fight outside the door and aggressors entering, they will flee through secret passages.

The statue is 4 metres tall and of a dwarf. A plaque reads Tomor, founder of the Lizard Club.

A poltergeist named Cindy Patchville took residence in the statue. She will first try to scare intruders, than attack them (*WC*TelekinesisD12;SpiritD12;Tough8;Immunity:physical;DmgD12telekinesis;FearPower). She died here 20 years ago, from euthanisia to guard the rooms and can be calmed down. She tells that the mirror recently started to emit maddening light more and more frequently and that most likely it must be related to the mirror.

Then the mirror starts blinking like a strobe. Who is not fast enough to look away (Agility), must make a Spirit roll or starts attacking his friends, until being knocked out. If multiple people are affected, they work together.

If you open the suitcase and let the Maddening Light out, it will fly towards the mirror, stay inside the air for 1 round and emit lightning bolts (Agility -2 to escape; 3d6 damage). Then it merges with the mirror, melting it and forming a shiny redskinned, female body that falls to the floor and seems unconscious. The body is more like a statue as it has no surface details, but is breathing.

Outside the police is waiting with 2 flying Lamborghinis and 6 officers. They are equipped with heavy armour, guns and 1 power suppression bazookas. The bazooka can affect 1 person per round and 1 power source. (Fight/ShootD10;SpiritD10;Tough12(4);Dmg2d6guns)

They ask intruders to the club to drop all weapons and to surrender. They will confiscate all weapons and ask for 1000$ per injured person (most likely the bouncers).

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