Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Lookthrough Skin

This symbiont clings to the wearer's skin and normally is invisible. Only when affected by pain and some magical effects it reacts.

It changes colour where hit

1. Red
2. Blue
3. Green
4. Yellow
5. Purple
6. Black
7. White
8. Orange

and emissions a substance

1. Powder
2. Liquid
3. Steam
4. Antsized humanoids

If the wearer loses a limb (even head) this regenerates and the rest of the body is cloned in a coloured cocoon. There are 2 skins now.
If the wearer loses an hand or foot or eye (or horn) this is engulfed in parts of the symbiont and slowly grows to gigantic size, steered by a will of its own. They can float.

Flächenschaden (auch Ringen/Festhalten): Nur Geschicklichkeit, nicht normale Rüstung schützt davor. Die getragene Rüstungsklasse wird allerdings vom Geschicklichkeitsbonus abgezogen.