Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lovecraft as bad writer?

When I read Lovecraft as a teenager I was looking for suspense and thrills. I did not find it. Instead I found the strange choice of wide distance from the supposed action. Decades later I started rereading Lovecraft exactly for that distance.

It’s a choice to see everything through a filter of disbelief in reality (now). A state of shock that fades out sound and puts the world seemingly in slow motion. The distance he creates also reminds me of what I imagine clinical depression to be like. Lovecraft’s Cosmic Horror is mostly existential and I can’t stop reading him for the out of body experience he provides.

Cthulhu is a stupid looking monster, but it also turned into an universal icon of the wish that everything would come to an end - jokingly of course, because nonfundamentalists don’t believe in Judgement Days, but sometimes wish for it anyways. Cthulhu turned into that fix in geek culture. Dark Gnosis: look it up.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Savage Worlds Low Life: Random Bodul Tables

Roll for the central piece of the Bodul:

1-5 Torso
6 Head
7 Leg or Foot
8 Hand or Arm or Tentacle
9 Eye
10 "Ball"

Roll how many body parts are connected: 2d4 minus 1 (one to seven)

Roll for each of the parts

1 Torso
2 Head
3 Leg or Foot
4 Hand or Arm or Tentacle
5 Eye
6 Primary or Secondary Sexual Organ

Each of these body parts is connected to 1d4 minus 3 additional body parts (zero to 1)
Exception: if you roll a Torso 1W4 minus minus 2 additonal body parts (zero to 2) are connected

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Email RPGs around 2000: White Deer

For quite some time in the late 1990ies and early Noughties most of my role playing games were run in the form of IRC and especially email games.

Sadly some of those are lost, while a few are saved on yahoogroups.

One example for this was the short lived Radiant RPG. You can find an overview over posts in the message archive.

I remembered this game now, because the character I play in my current Necessary Evil game - Crystal Antlers - das Kristallgeweih - originated there. Now people can get the impression that I was inspired by amazing band by the same name, but the idea for the character dates back to the 2nd of October 2000.

Friday, January 1, 2016

My RPG Calendar 2016

1st OSB Cthulhu 1: Nachts im Schwarzwald (Jor; Kar, Nat)
3rd OSB Cthulhu 2: Vollmond vor Rügen (Jor; Kar, Nat)
6th OSB Cthulhu: The Shaman and the Captain (Jor; Ale, Mig, Agn, Vin)
8th Splittermond: Zhoujiang Trilogie Teil 3 (Google Hangouts on Air)
11th DSA4: Königstrommeln 2: Dorf der geflohenen Frau (Google Hangouts on Air)
13th DSA5 3: Von Tresen und Ritualmorden (Google Hangouts on Air)  
14th Savage Worlds: Necessary Evil 1: Auf der Spur von Doctor Devolution (Mehr NotizenHangouts)
20th DSA5 4: Am havenischen Hafen (Google Hangouts on Air)
27th DSA1 with DSA5: Das Buch der Abenteuer: 1 Graubarts Haus (Google Hangouts on Air)
31st DS4: Königstrommeln 3: Verrat am Pass (Google Hangouts in Air)

3rd DSA1 with DSA5: Das Buch der Abenteuer: 2 Graubarts Arbeitszimmer (Google Hangouts on Air)
4th Savage Worlds: Necessary Evil 2: In Doctor Devolutions Ameisenbau (Google Hangouts on Air)
18th Savage Worlds: Necessary Evil 3: Fight Club (Google Hangouts on Air)
23rd DSA1: Wurzelwahrheit (Google Hangouts on Air)
25th DSB1 5: Die Mamorkönigin in Havena (Jor; Kar, Nat, Mar)

8th DSA5 5: Nachts im Stadtpark von Havena (Google Hangouts on Air)
10th Savage Worlds: Necessary Evil 4: Fight Club, Part 2 (Google Hangouts on Air)
14th DSA5 6: Die Bezwingung der Schimäre (Google Hangouts on Air)
23rd DSA1 with DSA5: Das Buch der Abenteuer: 3 Graubarts Geheimkammer (Google Hangouts on Air)

1st DSA5 7: Der Ende der Spiegeldämonen (Google Hangouts on Air)
4th DSA5: Efferds Vergeltung 1 - Nächtliches Warten auf Verschwörer (Google Hangouts on Air)
7th DSA5 (Hosted): Winter im Radrumtal 1 (Google Hangouts on Air))
12th DSA5: Efferds Vergeltung 2 - Beschatter und Lichtbringer (Google Hangouts on Air)
20th DSA5: Winter im Radrumtal 2  (Google Hangouts on Air)

12th DSA5: Efferds Vergeltung 3 - Im Seetiger & Silberrochen (Google Hangouts on Air)
24th DSA5: Efferds Vergeltung 4 - Das Lager der Neckerhändler  (Google Hangouts on Air)
31st DSA5: Efferds Vergeltung 5 - Kampf gegen Kaltylak (Google Hangouts on Air)


11th Realms of Cthulhu: Wien 1925 A1 - Begräbnis und Leichenschmaus (Google Hangouts on Air)
12th DSA1 with DSA5: Das Buch der Abenteuer: 4 Silvanas Befreiung (Google Hangouts on Air)
18th DSA1 with DSA5: Nedime - Die Tochter des Kalifen (Google Hangouts on Air)

3rd DSA1 with DSA5: Im Wirtshaus zum Schwarzen Keiler (Google Hangouts on Air)
11th DSA5: Efferds Vergeltung 6: Vor Praios' Richtstuhl (Google Hangouts on Air)
14th Marvel Super Heroes 0: Angriff der HYDRA-Agenten
17th Marvel Super Heroes 1: Captain America & das Ding am Crisianischen Empfang (Google Hangouts on Air)
23rd Realms of Cthulhu: Wien 1925 A2 - Im Keller der Pension Hubert (Google Hangouts on Air)
25th Realms of Cthulhu: Wien 1925 B1 - Leichenschmaus und Kartenspiele (Google Hangouts on Air)
28th Call of Cthulhu: Inmitten Uralter Bäume 1 (Jogix; Roll20)
31st DSA5: Der Weiße See 1: Begegnungen (Google Hangouts on Air)

14th Realms of Cthulhu: Wien 1925 B2 - Im Keller der Pension Hubert (Google Hangouts on Air)
15th Hellfrost 1: Giftanschlag beim Fest (Kali; Roll20)
18th OSB: Die Insel-Expedition 1: Die Unterwasserhöhle (Nat; Kar, Jor)
21nd Realms of Cthulhu: Wien 1925 B3 - Die lebendige Tote (Google Hangouts on Air)
24th OSB: Die Insel-Expedition 2: Durch den Dschungel (Nat; Kar, Jor)
27th DSA5: Der Weiße See 2: Eine fast ereignislose Reise (Google Hangouts on Air)
29th Hellfrost 4: Blut in der Bibliothek (Kali; Roll20)

4th Finsterland 1: Lynchjustiz in Schwarzenbrück (Pils; Youtube Live)
6th Hellfrost 3 (Flashback): Frostbart, der eisgeborene Schlächter (Kali; Roll20)
10th Fragged Empire: Geisterschiff Karthago 1 (Jogix; Roll20)
13th Hellfrost 4 (Flashback): In der Anari-Festung (Kali; Roll20)
14th DSA5: Späte Post 1 (Fjanz; Youtube Live)

1st Savage Worlds: Zombie Run 1: Al and Debbie (Kali; Roll20)
3rd Hellfrost 5: Aus dem Gefängnis von Nara (Kali; Roll20)
8th DSA5: Heldenwerk: Ey Mann, wo ist der Kaiser der Diebe (Lorion; Roll20)
10th Hellfrost 6: Gesucht nicht gefunden, Besuch bei einer Lady & Reise zu ihren Schafen (Kali; Roll20)
12th DSA5: Heldenwerk: Kibakadabra (Lorion; Roll20)
14th DSA Classic: Einbruch beim Alchimisten (Lorion; Roll20)
16th Finsterland 2: Der Heiratsantrag (Pils; Youtube Live)
17th Savage Worlds: Zombie Run 2: Molotow-Cocktails, Autos & Centerfolds (Kali; Roll20)
19th DSA5: Kibakadabra 2 (Lorion; Roll20)
22nd DSA5: Der Weiße See 3: Efferdsgebete und ein solcher Schrein (Kite; Youtube Live)
23rd Savage Worlds: Low Life: Das Mysterium von Splata (Jor; Youtube Live)
25th DSA-Erzählregeln 1: Lothak von Purpurfels' Burg (Nick Nack; Youtube Live) 

6th Savage Worlds: Pirates of the Spanish Main (Kali; Roll20)
7th DSA5: Heldenwerk: Kaiser der Diebe 2
9th DSA-Erzählregeln 2: Das Söldnerlager (Nick Nack; Youtube Live) 
13th DSA5: Heldenwerk: Kaiser der Diebe 3
15th Hellfrost 8: Orm und die Flußpiraten (Kali; Roll20)

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