Wednesday, March 19, 2014

PtA: The Dickinsons: Britney's Decision (Episode 1)

Scene 1: Britney talks to Chaimaine in the latter's room. Charmaine wants to convince her not to have the baby because of what the birth did to her body and somehow she gets doubts into Britney, but at the same time Charmaine feels a strong connection to Britney.
Scene 2: Ciaran tries to convince the scooter gang in the corner pub to help him with his scooter robbery, but accidently gives him a champagne bottle filled with bad stuff. The bike gang leader throws up and Ciaran has to flee. Jacky O. is able to steal one of their scooters with help of shop owner Krishna.
Scene 3: Jacky O. tries to convince Charmaine in the hair salon to give him access to illegal stuff from the money from the scooter. He is able to film his father Dick in the stall with the school nurse, Shantel. He is able to run off. Grandma has incontinence issues and in the end the whole family helps her.
Scene 4: Ciaran drives grandma and Britney somewhere. The biker gang shows up and threatens him and offends the family. Ciaran is able to scare them off by mentioning his friend Anthony and playing a tough guy. They really leave, but tell that one day they will get him, when he is a alone. At the same time a biker called Mickey convinces Britney to ride of with her. (She explains to herself that she can protect her family this way.)
Scene 5: Dick goes to Jennifer's rehearsal room, where she lies on the floor wasted. He wants to convince her to come back, but Britney comes in with the video from Jacky's cell phone. As she shows it to Jennifer, Dick's arguments are destroyed, but he also gets more angry.
Scene 6: A flashback to before Scene 5: Mickey takes Britney too an empty storehouse. He wants to convince her to get into the movie business, because she is special and could make 3000 bucks a week. At first she is unsure, but in the end she gives in.

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