Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Inactive Characters

Brulus - Hunchback Alchemist (Savage Worlds Luftenwelter; 2008-2010)
Rius Divorie(†) - Fake Paladin (D&D 3.5 Nyrondria; 2008-2010)
Kondo Kazuya - Irascible Ronin (The Mountain Witch; 2009)
Hadalis - Eladrin Druid with White Snake Form (D&D4 RPTools & Skype Online Game; 2009)
Helicaon, son of Hercules, man-killer - naked greek quarter-divine with helmet, shield and spear (Agon; 2009)
Tailor Smith (†) - a human tailor (=rogue) that decided to become an adventurer after killing an ogre tailor (Castles&Crusades; 2009)
Billie Bob Autumn - Dark Space Hutterer (Serenity/Firely, 2008)
Rex Lokowski - All American Anarchist (Bloodbath, d20 systemless, 2008-2009)
Mafalda - Pilot Space Marine (Primetime Adventures: Captain, My Captain; 2008)
Troll - Regenerating Giant Monster Teenager - (Marvel Universe RPG, 2007)
Axxon Soundscape - Alien Werewolf Rockstar (Primetime Adventures, FeenCon One Shot 2007)
Dr. Ernest Saenger - 1920th Philosophical Anthropologist (Call of Cthulhu, 2007)
Blackskinned traitor prince (Fantasy with Universalis, 2007)
Morrie Morkan - Fallen Girl Turned Battle Nun (50 Fathoms, 2007)
Fat Dwarf (Microlite20, 2007)
Dirk (†) - Mustache Fighter with Hook&Rope Armour (Castles&Crusades, 2006)
Akal Wus - Sneaky Merchant Thief (D&D 3.5 Thief, 2006)
Agh - Redman Beastmaster (50 Fathoms, 2006-2007)
Apocalyptic nerd writer with phobia of rising water (Unknown Armies, 2006)
Janara Jonovian - Rich Kieran merchant girl turned Pirate Captain (50 Fathoms, 2005-2007)
Ras Baray (†) - Braggart Healer (50 Fathoms, 2005) and Ras Baray in German
Werewolf record mail order owner (Werewolf: The Apocalypse, 2000)
Imp who gained a 2nd head and a pizza thanks to a Wish spell (AD&D, 2nd 1999)
Barbarian (AD&D, 2nd 1998)
Yuppie from a family of psycho apocalyptic cult owners (Contemporary Rolemaster(?), 1997)
Terandlias Onreinn Orka - Good Orc with Demon Sword (Rolemaster, around 1996)
Gay half elf with hawk (Rolemaster, around 1995)
Groggi Großohr - ochre plush elephant with knitting needle and 7'' record (Plüsch, Power and Plunder, around 1992)
Wulfram - Merchant turned Tsa worshipper after being killed by poisonous snakes and resurrected (The Dark Eye, around 1990)

Actually that are very few before 2005. That's because I was mainly GMing before meeting my new group that year.
You can find a list of my PBeM characters here.

Here are some characters that I created, but for one reason or the other were never used:

King Ludd - leader of the Luddites (50 Fathoms, never played him, 2007?) I did not want to play another leader and so went for another character in the end.
Fefitor - the dog kid I never played in the end... (Arcana Unearthed via Savage Worlds 2007?)
Humpel - the Gnome Sorcerer I never played in the end... (Dungeons & Dragons, 2006?)
Nicodemus - the last winged man (Savage Worlds) - did not fit the Arcana Unearthed campaign according to the GM...
Krabor - Rip Off from Clawful from Masters of the Universe for a superhero game (2002 or 2003)

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