Sunday, October 18, 2015

Savage Synnibarr Space

Between the first Synnibarr adventure that turned into a 12.5 sessions mini campaign on the alchemist Durana's plan and the Agent-Nelson/Cloudpuncher campaign, there was an intermezzo in space - with the spaceship discovered under water.

The space adventures were supposed to be continue further, but I dropped the campaign after three sessions, because I got the impression that the players were too powerful.

Admittedly that was more an issue of me being scared to power up the NPCs enough, but I still had issues, as a normal space opera setting can't compete with the power level of Synnibarr.

Anyways: I never did a write up of the game and this should be a start.

We played 4.5 sessions. (Like in the "1st season" the final session was too long to fit into one evening or afternoon and had to be continued another day.)

In my 2013 gaming calendar the sessions can be found under the following names:
  • The Home Space Express
  • Spacestation V
  • 2 teams of Slavers
  • Through the DarkTek Office to the Vault
  • The Taker: Grenades & Eyeballs
This is what happened as far as I can remember. I used my private GM notes for the summary.

The group leaves the Synnibarr on the  spaceship they found under water

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