Tuesday, October 24, 2017

TORG: A New Cosm? A Utopia of Manners!

I was asked what cosm I would create - and where - if the Gaunt Man gave me a darkness device and asked me to invade Earth. Here is my reply:

Germany and especially Austria (that's where I am from) and the Balkans need a cosm!

Genrewise I miss Fantasy of Manners and Transhuman Sciencefiction, leading to some Post/Transhumanism of Manners?

There will be New Romanticism like it's 1982, except that it feels more like 2082. Some powdered wigs, but at least as much long glam rock hair. It's the weird psychedlic and timeless future of 70ies Scifi like Zardoz beyond the wastelands. H.G. Wells' Eloi running the cosm, being nasty to each other behind the gobelins. Melniboné fits in there as well.

It has the tree shooting party scene vibe from the 1970ies Rollerball, the roaming the countryside roads of Clockwork Orange's Durango 95 rides and the killer gemstone and weird costumes from Logan's Run. An utopia with dark undercurrents.

And the landscape between the palaces is straight from the cover of a 1970ies ProgRock album. I am sure there will be enough floating pyramids and giant stone heads.

It's not about high tech, but the invisible tech, looking like magic, except that it's never micro, but macro, and quiet and clean.

(I guess smaller sections might filled up with 1984's proles and morlocks as well. But they play a smaller role with the mostly reactionary and aristocratic world laws keeping the blood lines in check.)