Saturday, July 18, 2015

Savage Synnibarr 17: Ninjas in the rooftop lounge

(This is a follow up to the Synnibarr space campaign.)

Amazon Dita, cyborg Trush and ninja Rolf Choke walk into a bar. They have returned from outer space.

The Adventurer's Guild sent them to the city of Bwer-Rock on to the savannah island of Lystema. There they are supposed to meet new recruits for their team and an agent with contact info on their new mission.

While they are sipping cocktail on the rooftop terrace of the Excelsior Hotel, a Chameleon Drake approaches them. He introduces himself as Gorgoroth Nargaroth, a new recruit, who just finished his training. The dragon humanoid can produce a card of invitation, but the 3 famous heroes, are not sure they like him and decide to put him on a trial.

Before they can really start their trial the agent, a super beardy guy, wearing a trenchcoat and sunglasses, and caring an old fashioned suitcase shows up. He introduces himself as Agent Nelson. And hands over the suitcase. At first he is taciturn, but Gorgoroth uses his hypnosis powers to make him speak. Nelson confirms that he was sent by the Guild and that he is supposed to hand over the suitcase. He does not know too much, but supposedly whatever is in the suitcase will people make looking at it insane. He also mentions that the the heroes are supposed to bring the suitcase to a place called the Lizard Bar at the bottom of Bwer-Rock to hand it over to the female owner.

Gorgoroth wants to force Agent Nelson by hypnosis to open the suitcase, but the Agent is able to withstand. His hands are shaking like hell and he sheds a single tear from behind his sunglasses, when he finally breaks free. Dita asks him to hand over his sunglasses and he hands to over them over, not before asking for an autograph for his daughter.

The heroes are about to pay, when suddenly 8 red ninjas jump on the rooftop from all sides below and attack with Katanas. Gorgoroth starts threatening them and something shifts in his voice that actually makes everyone hesitate and shaken.

But Thrush is able to rally the people on their side. While most of the ninja are still trembling i fear, 2 charge towards the table, attacking Rolf Choke and Gorgoroth. Rolf steps to the side and easily kills one of them, while Gorgoroth hypnotises the other one.

Dita uses her Chi Shout to rip 4 more apart. When Thrush shoots one more with his laser gun, that leaves only 1 unharmed. Dita is able to convince to give up. The one under Gorgoroth's control opens his mind to the Chameleon Drake, who sees that the 8 ninjas were trained in a weird sickle-shaped tower -  by a huge silverclad ninja. There mission is to assassinate Rolf Choke and to steal the suitcase.

Dita gets similar information from the other survivor, but grants him his wish to commit suicide. When he is to wimp to actually do it, she does it for him.

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