Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Primetime Adventures: The Dickinsons - A family with benefits - Pilot

Scene 1: Social Worker Steven shows up at the house of the jobless Dickinson family to tell father that he needs to get a job at Tesco. But Steven is seduced by Dick's sister who also lives in the house. Dick has to clean the grandmother in the meantime in the bathroom.
Scene 2: Grandmother has old scooter gang friends over for lunch. Dick listens in that they want to rob the Tesco. He tries to convince them not to do it, but they don't listen.
Scene 3: Dick goes to Tesco to apply for the job, but the scooter gang is robbing the store at the same time. He tells them to fuck off, but they threaten him and he decides to better call the police from at home. His brother Ciaran wants to steal one of the gang's scooters in front of Tesco in the meantime, but the gang is too fast and he has to leave before he is seen.
Scene 4: Dick tries to call the police from his place, but his kids, Jacky O. and Britney, are too noisy and he is not being taken serious by the police. They hang up on him. In the meantime Jacky O. plunders the medicament storage and accidently swallows viagra.
Scene 5: Ciaran is back home in the evening and tries to convince Dick to steal a truck full of bikes with him. But Dick convinces him to do it together with the scooter gang instead.
Scene 6: Jacky takes his grandmother and his sister Britney for a walk. He wants help because of the viagra and barely escapes his grandmothers "help". In the chaos fails to hook him up with her friend Anna, as it was her plan.
Scene 7: Britney back home starts a fight with Dick's wife Jennifer. Britney mentions that she is pregnant, and Jennifer wants to convince her to have an abortion. Britney is strictly against and get Jennifer to leave the house - saying she will never come back. Dick is totally pissed at Jennifer for making his wife leave.

Next: Britney's  Decision

Sunday, February 9, 2014

My RPG Calendar 2014


5th Zwillingsseen B4: 20 years in the Temple of Icedeath (Jor; Mig, Agn, Mar, Fer, Ale)
11th Zwillingsseen A9: The Invisible Gnome Killer (Jor; Hel, Jos, May)
20th Primetime Adventures: Family with Benefits - Pilot, Scene 1 and 2 (Jor; Agn, Mig, Ale)
26th PtA: The Dickinsons - Family with Benefits - Pilot, Scene 3-7 (Jor; Agn, Mig, Vin, Mar, Fer, Kar)
27th PtA: Zwillingsseem A10: Return to the Temple of the Goddess in Green (Jor; Hel, Jos, May)

6th Zwillingsseen A11: The Wickerman at the Northern Lake (Jor; Hel, Jos, Agn, Ire, Sai)
19th PtA: The Dickinsons: S1E01 - Britney's Decision (Jor; Agn, Mig, Vin, Mar, Fer, Ale)
20th Zwillingsseen A12: Sailing to Hantur (Jor; Hel, Jos, Agn)

3rd Zwillingsseen A13: From the Red Tower to the slave's dungeons (Jor; Hel, Jos, May)
9th PtA: The Dickinsons: S1E02 - The Vacation Promise (Vin; Agn, Jor, Mar, Fer, Ale)
10th Zwillingsseen A14: Giant Hands and the Membram Flag (Jor; Hel, Jos, Kar)
23rd PtA: The Dickinsons: S1E03 - Grandma's Day Out (Mar; Agn, Jor, Vin, Mig, Fer)

1st Zwillingsseen A15: A young White Dragon (Jor; Hel, Jos, Kar, Nat)
22nd Zwillingsseen A16: The Goddess in Green falls (Jor; Hel, Jos, Kar, Nat)

4th PtA: The Dickinsons: S1E04 - Ciaran saves the house (Mig; Agn, Jor, Fer, Mar)

3rd Savage Worlds: CPA 1: Stuttgart Surveillance (Hel; Jor, Nat, Kar)
17th Savage Worlds: CPA 2: Goran am Bodensee (Hel; Jor, Nat, Kar)


30th OSB RIfts: Character Creation (Jor; Kar, Hel, Mig)

7th OSB Rifts 1: Ambush of the Needleteeth Dwarves (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat, Mig, Agn)
14th OSB Rifts 2: Fight at the VTOL plane crash site (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat, Mig, Agn)
21st OSB Rifts 3: Flight to the Millenium Tree (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat, Mig, Agn)
28th OSB Rifts 4: The dream in the Tree (Jor; Hel, Kar)

13th OSB Rifts 5: The demon under Freiburg tent camp (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat)
27th OSB Rifts 6: Return to the demon bunker (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat, Jea)

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