Thursday, August 28, 2008

Revised Savage Worlds Magic

All spells are expanded to 5 levels. If you have the according rank you can cast the new power level.

Spell Novice Seasoned Veteran Heroic Legendary Notes

Boost Trait 1 trait+ fitting skills Lower Trait is seperate power
Bolt 2x2d6 3x2d6 + 1x3d6 2x3d6 3x3d6 too weak on higher levels? Range?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fat pirate sketch for Savage Worlds

Race: Gnome (Quick Thinking: Starts with a d6 in Smarts. Mechanically-inclined: Free d6 in Repair. Short: Gets "Small" hindrance.)

Agility 8
Smarts 6
Spirit 6
Strength 6
Vigor 6

-1/+1 = normal Toughness...

Skills (not finished yet)
Boating (ag) 4
Climbing (st) 4
Fighting (ag) 4
Guts (sp) 4
Lockpicking (ag) 4
Notice (sm) 4
Persuasion (sp) 4
Repair (sm) 4
Stealth (ag) 4
Taunt (sm) 4
Throwing OR Shooting (ag) 4





Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brulus III.

The first thing Brulus remembers was begging with older kids in the big city - a common fate for street kids. He must have been around four at that time.

He was a lousy beggar, but even worse in his rare attempts of thievery and therefore on the lowest level of the streets' hierarchy. At least he survived..

His fate changed somewhat, when he met the dirty old pharmacist Adalbert. Adalbert had lost his license for making regular mistakes. No wonder - he had tried once to often to cure his bad temper himself.
Brulus took care of him, being basicly a misfigured butler in the beginning, but also showing lots of promise as an assistant in the crazy old man's experiments.

After his career as pharmacist was stopped by the clergy, Adalbert turned to more "interesting" experiments, plotting revenge. Brulus gave him the support he needed.
But when Brulus understood what Adalbert was up to, and was not able to convince him to stop, the hunchback turned his sole friend in.

Maybe there was hope that he would be seen as a hero, that let Brulus make this decision, maybe he really cares about the well being of the people. At the moment probably not even Brulus himdelf knows for sure, but with enough evidence Adalbert was convicted to death. The last time he saw Brulus, he called him a damn traitor.

Brulus was treated with disgust by the commisar taking care of the case, but given an opportunity to run off, with the hint that actually he would have needed to get a trial too.

So Brulus ran off, where this will take him, we don't know yet.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Plot Point campaign inspired by really early Perry Rhodan

As I am often gaming with groups that know nothing about the biggest German pulp scifi series, it would be great to play through the set up of the first cycle:

The PCs find an alien spaceship with incredible power (and some sick aliens) and it is left to them what do with it? Leave to space? Rule the Earth? Both!

Obviously it would be a sand box game, with a set up on Earth level (countries, military, economics and secret services) and one on galaxy level (a mighty decadent empire and different power groups in it that all want to take over Earth).

A proactive play style would be encouraged, but it would definitely be necessary to protect Earth - or to sell it out to the aliens?

Obiously while the basic ideas would be similar to Perry Rhodan, the window dressing would be different - especially the way the Aliens look. Maybe some transhuman elements would be fun, but that could already lead too far off.

Instead of finding the space ship on the moon (and restricting the PCs to beastronauts), the first adventure should be more like X-Files or Indiana Jones.

A potential place for the crashed space ship would be Northern China or Tibet. A question is if there should be Greys. And if it would make sense to have a Pirates/Ninjas/Robots/Monkeys aliens conception. And are Greys the fairy archetype? What other fantastic archetypes exist? Dwarves? Elves? Klingons? Are Orcs Monkeys? And what's with Zombies and Sharks? And Dinosaurs and Bears?

Also there should be a possibilty for characters to turn alien in the long run, without having to loose the inital character. Here the transhuman factor could come into play.

And don't forget the robot ruler!! ;)

Some research about real life alien esoterics could inspire me. Check here: