Sunday, July 5, 2015

Primetime Adventures: The Dickinsons: Characters

The Dickinsons are one of the less fortunate families in Blackpool. They are shameless, but make the best out of life with too many people in the house.

Richard "Dick" Dickinson - Father (36)
Player: Agn
Edges: fast talker / pretty face
Connections: school nurse Chantel
Personal Set: the sofa
Nemesis: midget Jimmy-Patrick
Issue: job centre wants to find him something
Screen Presence: 2 - 3 -

Jennifer Dickinson - Wife (29)
Player: Jor
Edges: junkie body / worst voice
Connections: keyboarder and dealer Alex
Personal Set: rehearsal room
Nemesis: Tom, teen talent
Issue: wants to get rid of the kids
Screen Presence: 2 - 2 -

Here you can find the Pilot Episode.

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