Sunday, July 19, 2015

Character Questionnaire Random Table: Pre Session

To get a better understanding of my player's feeling on the campaign and their characters, every player has to roll on the following table and answer the question if the wants to receive an Adventure Card (a Savage Worlds plot card).

The 1st session let the players use a d6 (or even d4). The following sessions, let them use a d8.

  1. What is your character’s most important Hindrance? Why?
  2. What other character in the party has your character a special bond to? Why?
  3. What adventure your character had so far, had most impact on him? Why?
  4. What adventures is your character looking forward to?
  5. Who is the most important NonPlayerCharacter for your character? Why?
  6. What motivates and excites your character?
  7. What was your favourite scene in the last session?
  8. What was your least favourite scene in the last session

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