Monday, May 8, 2017

Randomly created Lovecraft text

I found this very fascinating Lovecraftian text generator.

Here is a sample run:

Almost immediately afterward the speck had become disarranged with the Shantak and let them if I recognised it at night and crowned with a Thousand wonders where the peak wherein dwell the furtive and venomous ghasts which frequently hopped up behind him could be given a rich boon of knowledge like yourself and to which he had seen and feared before; and the great stone bridge where Naraxa joins the sea. They had been lost in the dark. Altogether I hope I do. In time he became very numb and somnolent moving more from automatic impulse than from reasoned will; nor did I emulate some of the great Ones will hear and know that they were not the crawling chaos Nyarlathotep.

Of these things you will decide to come close to the thoughts and visions of your mystical erudition will understand me when I rushed out of the ghouls set a somewhat different and calming letter neatly typed on a dim plain strewn with bits of substance therein. Once in crossing an open street he wriggled worm like on his course now lay uphill through wilder and more forest traversing hill roads than the great Ones.

So the ghoul that was Pickman advised Carter to the north was not much impressed and held a gaping circular pit surrounded by six malignly stained stone altars in a great black stone which crowns Ulthar's highest hill he sought and that the great Ones themselves are not unrepresented; and it was not long in speaking to some secret and nocturnal the onyx castle of the Great Ones. In the land of fancy. Past all these gorgeous lands the malodourous ship flew unwholesomely urged by the time I had never previously heard of that twilight place; and Carter was placed well up toward the north.
There was a good deal of stirring and scratching and shuffling in the dark. The next day saying that he could not be as he could not guess; and it was not much use for short flights on earth. I have seen and walked with in the dark. Altogether it was not long in speaking to some of which he had come down from the north and traded in the dark. In the dark and uninviting. There were no better informed than he.