Sunday, November 23, 2008

Savage Worlds Character Cards (Mini Character Sheets)

After I created them in 2005, it is finally about time I make them public.

First I show you an example of a filled out Combat Card.
The front has all stats important for combat:

If you wonder what the different symbols and numbers mean exactly, here is the legend:

On the back you find the basic Attributes as well as the most important 10 Skills, Edges and Attributes. You can add modifiers from Edges or Charisma right behind the skill, if you want.

And here are finally the blank jpgs. Downloading the A4 pdfs for printing probably will be more comfortable.

Here you find the free download of the Savage Worlds Character Cards as A4 pdf files.

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Anonymous said...

That is freaking cool as hell. I'm definitely going to make use of them. I've been looking for slimmed down character sheets for some time. This look like they'll work great