Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dungeon World Bonds

I am listing here all the bonds from Dungeon World by character class. They are a really great way of creating a relationship map between characters. Spirit of the Century for FATE offered a less elegant method for this already, but the players coming up with an adventure each that the character had with 2 other characters (the "co-stars").

_______________ is puny and foolish, but amusing to me.
_______________’s ways are strange and confusing.
_______________ is always getting into trouble—I must protect them from themselves.
_______________ shares my hunger for glory; the earth will tremble at our passing!

This is not my first adventure with _______________.
I sang stories of _______________ long before I ever met them in person.
_______________ is often the butt of my jokes.
I am writing a ballad about the adventures of _______________.
_______________ trusted me with a secret.
_______________ does not trust me, and for good reason.

_______________ has insulted my deity; I do not trust them.
_______________ is a good and faithful person; I trust them implicitly.
_______________ is in constant danger, I will keep them safe.
I am working on converting _______________ to my faith.

____________________ smells more like prey than a hunter.
The spirits spoke to me of a great danger that follows ______________.
I have showed ________________ a secret rite of the Land.
___________ has tasted my blood and I theirs. We are bound by it.

_______________ owes me their life, whether they admit it or not.
I have sworn to protect _______________.
I worry about the ability of _______________ to survive in the dungeon.
_______________ is soft, but I will make them hard like me.

_______________’s misguided behavior endangers their very soul!
_______________ has stood by me in battle and can be trusted completely!
I respect the beliefs of _______________ but hope they will someday see the true way.
_______________ is a brave soul, I have much to learn from them.

I have guided _______________ before and they owe me for it.
_______________ is a friend of nature, so I will be their friend as well.
_______________ has no respect for nature, so I have no respect for them.
_______________ does not understand life in the wild, so I will teach them.

I stole something from _______________.
_______________ has my back when things go wrong.
_______________ knows incriminating details about me.
_______________ and I have a con running.

_______________ will play an important role in the events to come. I have foreseen it!
_______________ is keeping an important secret from me.
_______________ is woefully misinformed about the world; I will teach them all that I can.

Adventures on Dungeon Planet:

_______________ enjoys my tales of life on Earth.
_______________ is the first person I met here, in this strange new world.
_______________ saved me from certain doom, and I must repay them.
_______________ was a faithful friend when I had nothing.

Engine of Destruction:
_______________ helped get me repaired when I was broken.
_______________ knows a secret about my construction!
_______________ understands me perfectly, even though I am a robot.
I was programmed to help _______________.

_______________ has been a friend to me when others were prejudiced.
_______________ will help me create a new mutant civilization.
I must prove to _______________ that I am a person too!
I will show _______________ the secrets hidden in these ruins.

_______________ is distrustful of machines. I will prove their value.
_______________ is proof that great things can be achieved without machines. I must match those achievements with mine own.
_______________ knows where something amazing is hidden. They must show me!
I must protect _______________ so they can help me with my work. They understand it.

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