Sunday, November 9, 2008

Savage Fate - Newest Version

You got the 5 Savage Worlds stats.
Successes are a 4 on the roll. 8 is a great success.

Instead of skills like in Savage Worlds you have something similar to Edges that give you a bonus in a specific field or under specific circumstances.
For character creation you choose:

A +1 environment modifier (e.g. city, wilderness, scholars/university, high society, orc culture, animals, swords, guns)
One primary +2 skill modifier (e.g. fighting, shooting (=throwing), athletics (=climbing, swimming), people skill (= persuasion, intimidation, taunt, streetwise), trace (=investigate, tracking), Stealth, dexterity (=pick locks, pickpocket), vehicles (=boating, driving, pilot), knowledge, arcane knowledge, repair, riding (incl. animal handling), survival (=streetwise), notice, guts.
One secondary +1 skill modifier (same categories as primary skill modifier)
A +1 psychological modifier (Aspect-Spirit of the Century style: friend, loved one, great nation of X, fear of snakes,...)

On each rank you can use one level advancement for one more primary skill and one for one more secondary, one attribute raise and one psychological modifier.

Stack Up maximum for any roll is Rank+3. => Novice: 4; Legendary: 8

[Even simpler solution:
Instead of environmental and skill modifiers, they are all aspects.]

Arcance knowledge is split into Powers and Rituals (á la D&D4).

And there are defined rules for skill challenges (x success vs. 4 failures).

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Bravo, I'd love to see where this goes!