Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Plüsch, Power und Plunder: Hospital

I plan a one shot adventure and have the following basic idea:

The stuffed toy player characters all belong to the same kid (Peter) and are taken together with him/her from kinderzimmer paradise to hospital. In the children's department of hospital you have plenty of plush bullying and plushtrique going on. There are a lot of rooms and each has it's own power structure which is interwoven with the rest.
And there are the carts of the cleaning ladies and the mysterious freight elevators to cleaning powder purgatory and/or trash land. Maybe even some mice...
Actually this sounds pretty Foucault and I will also add some noirish elements, as noir was my first idea.


Above the steerages of the children's department, the Plushies (my translation of "Plüschis"), have their hide out. The room structure is the same as below, as this is an old building (19th century).

A hoist takes you down to the washing basement, but there is also a pipe slide.

Only 2 minions of the Pin have the keys - and obviously the nurses (in the nurse room. (At night there is only one for the whole department.)

Washing basement also has steerages and is overseen by the Brain with 1d6 minions and the more outsider spider Shelob.

Player Handout Map:

Note that the hoist and pipe were moved around the corner on the player handout map and that you should probably use this version.

Player Handout Map for Plush, Power & Plunder Hospital as PDF

Important NPCs:

First encounters:
Plush robot (from kid who arrived one day earlier) Dusk who is beaten up and later on turns washing powder addicted
+ Plush smurfette with similar fate

The Kingpin - short the Pin: he is the ruler of the hospital and hides in a crack of the wall in the boiler room. His minions run the business for him. Plush lemur mouse
His bodyguard are 3 plush pandas - masters of Voom-Ua. 3 plush pandas

The 2 Elevator Sentries: beefy minions of the Kingpin.
A big plush spider named Shelob is guarding the basement elevator door. Plush spider picture
The pipe and upper door are guarded by "the Thing" an imposing green monster. That scratches the ceiling when walking around. Green plush monster picture

The Brain - plus gamepad - that oversees drug mixing in washing basement

The Prophet, who talks about hope and the kinderzimmer paradise. Plush beaver

Big Stompers (aka humans): 4 nurses and a doctor during the day; only one nurse during the night; the night nurse brings to security guys, in case she gets scarred by strange noises... Random kids

Ivan Jasper, the cat. A neutered psycho tomcat that is held in the children's department to cheer up the kids and has it's own cat room.

Random Encounter Tables

All encounters should make notice rolls, if they see the PC Plushies - hard ones if the plushies are cautious.
After each encounter there is a 80% chance that nothing happens long enough, that the PCs can sneak by.

Plush organs
Plush microbes
Plush roadkill

Plush skeleton girl

Side plots: the Pin wants to poison Peter, so that the PCs have no way back to kinderzimmer paradise


NPC stats for Plush, Power & Plunder - Hospital as PDF

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