Thursday, October 23, 2008

Billie Bob Autumn - Firefly/Serenity character

Imagine a handsome and friendly space Hutterer. Except that his religion has a much darker underbelly. Crazy nature hippie bible rewriting lunatics they are.
He is young and out in space from his backwood world the first (and probably last) time to find a wife and generally recharge the lifestock of the Ranaoke Commune by a little bit of preaching.

For him there is no disconnect between his general amicability and certain rites he takes part in. After all doesn't every farmer love his animals and still slaughter them, when it is time? No, it is not that extreme (99,9% of the time).

Concept: Space Hutterer


Strength d8
Agility d6
Vitality d8
Alertness d8
Intelligence d6
Willpower d6

Derived Traits

Life Points 14
Initiative d6+d8
Endurance d8+d6
Resistance d8+d8 ???

Skills and Specialties

Animal Handling d4
Artistry –
Athletics d6
Covert d6
Craft –
Discipline –
Guns d6
Heavy Weapons –
Influence d6
Knowledge d2
Linguist -
Mechanical Eng. -
Medical Expertice –
Melee Weapon Cmbt. d2
Perception d6
Performance –
Pilot -
Planetary Vehicles d6
Ranged Weapons –
Scientifc Expertise -
Survival d6
Technical Eng. -
Unarmed Cmbt. d6


Armorous (min)
Memorable (min)
Easy Mark (MAJ) - Trusts People
Superstitious (min)
Loyal (min) - Mother


Nature Lover (min)
Allure (MAJ)
Religiosity (min)
Sweet and Cheerful (min)
Steady Calm (min)

Black suit.
Ranaoke-Call Bible. (Called the Bat Shit Bible by 'heretics' ergo everyone else.)
Ritualistic dagger made out of a digger tooth. DMG d4W
Rifle, Assault DMG d8W; Range 150; ROF 3(40)

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