Sunday, November 16, 2008

My PBeM characters

PBeM means obviously Play By eMail. From 1997 until 2005 this was my main playing mode. I was running a lot of games as GM. This here is a list of characters I played, when being in someone else's game.

The characters are obviously all inactive.

Sintflut - Growing Liquid Nun Super Hero (Mutants and Masterminds in a forum RPG on, 2003)
Aressa Fokker - Reporter with flying camera droid (2 short lived freeform Star Wars games, 200x)
Marble Shark - I don't remember this character to well, but he was a young European super hero who could turn to stone, had a pony tail and I guess superspeed under water. (freeform, 200x)
Naga - Female mutant snake (TMNT, 200x) was rejected by the 2 player group
White Deer - Alien Weredeer Super Hero (freeform called Radiant City, 2000)
(Radian City: Actually I also had a second character called Emo Kid / Emo Boy I never played there. In 2000 Emo was not about black clothes btw ;) )
Spielball - Nightspawn Exchange Student with puppet Morphus (Nightbane, 1998)
Topsider battle philosopher (Perry Rhodan freeform, 1998 I guess)
Quicksilver - Rich, growing liquid super hero (Heroes Unlimited, 1997) - IRC not Email

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