Saturday, November 29, 2008

Plush, Power, Plunder - Rule notes and House rules

Character Creation

House rule: The player can roll his stats or take 3 on all of them.

Basic Stat x5 = Roll Stat

House Rule: Basic Stat x7 = Roll Stat [Should make beginner characters fail less in One Shot]

Skill Checks

Spending 1 point of Plushdurance adds 2 to the dice result.
Spending 1 Plush Point also add 2. You can only use that in body stuff though.

You are elegant if you are 20 points below the expected roll.

If you are able to pull of a skill use you have to spend the ammount of Plushdurance points written next to it.
You loose half the Plushdurance points, if you fail the roll.


Highest Courage creature acts first.

1 defense / round.

Attacker's (Weapon Damage + Agility Base) - Defender's Strength Base

House Rule: The defender can use his weapon to block and adds it to the his definding score.

Attacker's (Weapon Damage + Strength Base) - Defender's (Weapon Damage + Strength Base)
The defender causes damage if the result is negative!

House rule: Disarm: If attacker has no weapon, he is able to grab the opponents weapon if he causes any damage. Both roll strengths as soon as one fails and the other one succeeds in the same round, the winner has the weapon.

Multiple opponents: against the 3rd attacker (and 4th, 5th, etc.) you can't add your weapon damage when checking for damage.

Damage and Regaining Power

If you loose all your Plush Points you are KO for 2d6 minutes. After waking up, you have regained 5 Plush Points.
Further attacks remove 1 Cutie Points. You also loose 1 Cutie Point if go KO 3 times the same day.

Resting 8 hours restores all your Plush Points and your Plushdurance.

Only the Seamstress can restore 1 Cutie Point per treatment.

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