Friday, January 11, 2013

My RPG Calendar 2013

10th Savage Synnibarr 11: Escape from the Temple of Ooze (Jor; Jea, Hel, Vin, Mig, Agn)

17th Savage Synnibarr 12a: Rainbow Orgasms & the Unclosed Door (Jor; Jea, Hel, Vin, Mig, Agn, Ale)
19th Savage Synnibarr 12b: The Last Drake of Tarboon (Jor; Hel, Vin, Mig, Agn, Ale)
24th Savage Warhammer 1: Ratcatching pays well! (Jea; Vin, Mig, Agn, Ale, Jor)
31st Savage Warhammer 2: Ratcatching is effin' dangerous! (Jea; Mig, Agn, Hel, Jor)


10th Savage Warhammer 3: A deal with the Rat (Jea; Mig, Agn, Hel, Ale, Jor)
17th Dread: Survival Training Drama Club  (Jor; Mig, Agn, Vin, Ale, Jea, Ani)

3rd Savage Urban Fantasy 1: Werewolves in a pub (Agn; Mig, Ani, Jea, Hel, Jor)
24th Savage Urban Fantasy 2: Inhuman awakening (Agn; Jea, Hel, Jor)

7th Savage Urban Fantasy 3: Spa Time with Marcus/Michael (Agn; Hel, Jor, Mig)
11th DoSA: Vornheim 1: After Curfew: Too many goblins (and conjointed twins) (Jor; Hel, Jea, Ale, Vin; Mar)

12th  Savage Urban Fantasy 4: Showdown at the Asylum (Agn; Jor, Vin, Jea, Mig)

20th Old School Bastard (Ex-DoSA): Vornheim 2: Blacksand Arena: Bear vs. Shark (Jor; Hel, Jea, Vin)
27th Arcana (Engel): Paranoia 1: Drafted! (Jea; Hel, Jor, Vin, Mig, Agn)

4th Arcana (Engel): Paranoia 2: The Outer World (Jea; Hel, Jor, Mig, Agn)
11th Savage Synnibarr 13: The Home Space Express (Jor; Jea, Hel, Vin, Mig, Agn, Ale)
18th Savage Synnibarr 14: Spacestation V (Jor; Hel, Vin, Mig, Agn)
25th Savage Synnibarr 15: 2 teams of Slavers (Jor; Hel, Vin, Mig, Agn, Ale)

8th Old School Bastard: Zwillingsseen A1: Ambushed in Großwall: Rapunzel's Death (Jor; Hel, Jea, Oli)
22nd Old School Bastard: Zwillingseen A2: Death Cult Barbarians and a Giant Spider (Jor; Hel, Jea, May, Jos)
29th Old School Bastard: Vornheim 3: Underground Harbour: Miracle of the 3/4 Kid (Jor; Hel, Vin, Ale, Cha) 

3rd OSB: Drunk adventurers in a bar (Jor; Nat, Kar, Mar - in Grado)
12th Savage Synnibarr 16a: Through the DarkTek Office to the Vault (Jor; Hel, Jea, Mig, Agn, Ale)
15th OSB: Vornheim 4: Temple of Icedeath: the Doppelganger Hermaphrodite (Jor; Hel, Jea, Vla, And)
17th Savage Synnibarr 16b: The Taker: Grenades & Eyeballs (Jor; Hel, Jea, Mig, Agn, Ale, Vin)
27th OSB: Zwillingsseen B1: Demi-Humans and their livestock in Witchfog (Jor; Mig, Agn, Ale, Vin, Mar, Fer)

1st OSB: Zwillingsseen A3: The Giant Sword and the Acid Mummy Tomb (Jor; Hel, Jos, Oli)
8th OSB: Zwillingsseen A4: Rotting Disease and a barbarian serves his Dark Gods (Jor; Hel, Jos, Bri)
15th OSB: Zwillingseen A5: The Woodshapers and the last of the mummies (Jor; Hel, Jos, May, Bri, Fra)
17th Splittermond 1: Circus comes to town (Hel; Jor, Vin, Mig, Agn)
20th OSB: Zwillingsseen B2: A deadling (gets blown and) loses it (Jor; Mig, Agn, Mar, Fer)
22nd OSB: Zwillingsseen A6: An ancient princess and an outsider hero (Jor; Hel, Jos, May, Bri) 


7th Splittermond 2: Fight against the ratlings (Hel; Jor, Vin, Mig, Agn, Ale)
10th Zwillingsseen B3: Doppelgangers in the Temple of Icedeath (Jor; Mig, Agn, Mar, Fer)
12th Zwillingsseen A7: The Goddess in Green (Jor; Hel, Jos, May)
18th Splittermond 3: The Shadow in the Alf (Hel; Jor, Vin, Mig, Agn)
21st Zwillingsseen A8: Underground Temple of the Goddess in Green (Jor; Hel, Jos, May)
25th Zwillingsseen C1: Burning down another tavern (Jor; Nat, Kar, Hal)

10th Zwillingsseen C2: A mindless deadling in the forest (Jor; Nat, Kar, Mig, Agn)
15th Zwillingsseen C3: To the Tower of Hate (Jor; Nat, Kar, Mig, Agn)

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