Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Savage Synnibarr: Cloudpuncher's House

Leaving the airships and Clam Island behind, the group makes a 6 day trip with Airy's solid illusion submarine near Ship's Home, the giants' capital. Airy stays awake all that time, but is able to handle it with his mushrooms.

Gorogoroth, Dita, Trush and Douro walk along the cliffs near the coast towards Ship's Home. At one time they encounter an Giant airship patrol, but Trush turns into a giant flying stingray and covers view on the others with his wide body.

That way they make it to the city before the evening. They end up at a gate at the city wall where two drunk giant guards are on watch. Trush turns into a giant baby in a wheeled cradle and the group comes up with the story that they found the baby in a human city and want to return it to the giants. After being suspicious for a short time, the guards see them as heroes (Adventure Card) and let them pass, telling them about the way to the orphanage of Ship's Home.

While the rest of the group goes there, the invisible Gorgoroth follows Dita's instruction to look for the Cloudpuncher's house and to retrieve the book. Gorogoroth actually can smell from outside that there are two giant women in the living room in the ground floor while upstairs there are many weird and exotic objects.

He decides to fly intangible to the upper floor and lands inside a small room - at least for giants. Next to a small desk and a chair, a giant sized chest is the most outstanding object in the room. He puts his intangible head inside and can smell gold as well as a sleeping creature - an elvome. Elvomes are a cross between an elf and a gnome: 3 feet tall creatures that look like an overweight Yoda, who possess some magical abilities.

Gorgoroth decides to use his mind control on the elvome and is finally able to take him over. He makes the creature explain him telepathically that the chest is his home and that Cloudpuncher took the chest here seven years ago. The elvome's name is Chubbga and he has seen his chest change owner multiple times.

Gorgoroth asks the Chubbga to open the chest and elvome uses some telekinetic powers to open the look and come outside. Under Gorgoroth control he explains that he did not notice too much about the Cloudpuncher and his house, but that he knows where the giant captain was writing in his business journal: in another room on the upper floor. The elvome also explains that he has a magic dagger that turns people into golden figurines if they are stabbed with it. Gorgoroth commands him to take the two golden figurines from the chest with him.

In the meantime the rest of the group has reached the orphanage - at dusk. Some kids playing in front of that building notice them and a girl from the group falls for the cute giant baby. She tells them to bring it in the orphanage where an old nurse tells that the orphanage can take care of the baby, but that Dita and Douro better contact the authorities the next day, so that the parents can be found. For that night they can stay at the orphanage as there are enough cribs the humas can easily fit in.

Gorgoroth in the meantime let the elvome unlock the door to Cloudpuncher's study room telekinetically. He enters the big room that is filled with many weird objects from all corners of Synnibarr. The chameleon drake is greeted upon entering by a stuffed parrot that strangely talks to him in a shrill voice. Despite the danger of the two women downstairs hearing something, Gorgoroth decides to leave the door of the room open.

The parrot greets him and gives him advice first to clean the mirror in the room, then to take a red shield with a skull from the wall and finally to drink a potion that he found in the room. After hesitating for some moments, Gorgoroth follows the advice, as the parrot is not able to tell anything about the location of the book. Before that he tell the elvome to shut the door as the voice of the parrot is getting louder and louder, and could be noticed by the women downstairs.

Golgoroth examines the mirror and sees that its surface is dimmed by some grey film. He starts cleaning the mirror while being invisible with a cloths that is hanging over the mirror's corner. But only seconds after he starts, the mirror shatters in thousands of shards. Gorgoroth's scale skin is strong enough to withstand and harm from the sharts, but he can only rejoice for seconds, as he feels some presence making its way through from the back of the mirror, some evil presence...

He realizes that this is a mirror demon version of himself. And there is no doubt that his demon form posses the same powers as the adventurer chameleon drake. While Gorgoroth is able to withstand the mirror demon's first trial to possess him. Instead he runs to the wall and rips off the red shield with the skull on it, hanging there, that the parrot mentioned.

He feels that this skull shield has special powers: the ability to turn an opponent into dust, if they fail an attack. Before he can achieve more with this logic, his demonic doppelganger takes control over him and commands him to stay invisible in one corner of the room.

Douro and Dita decide in the meantime that they want to check out Cloudpuncher's house themselves. They take along Trush who is still in his giant toddler form and walks with them over to the house. There he knocks while the humans stay behind him.

Together they explain that the fake baby is Cloudpuncher's child. For some reason the old and young woman take them serious and ask them to enter the room. Trush is able to convince the giant girl into breast feeding him.

Dita takes telepathic contact with Cloudpuncher's ghost in her ghost lamp and asks him about the house. He warns her about the mirror.

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