Thursday, October 1, 2015

Savage Synnibarr: Attack of the Giant Airships

After taking care of Cloudpuncher's remains, Douro decides to check back inside the Temple of Yanak. On the way through the gate he is attacked by two fire clams, but he is able to switch on his Tiger Fire before their flames can hit him and is therefore immune to the fire damage.

Inside he collects all the money covering the floor of the lower floor. He splits the 100.000$ in gold coins between everyone. He also wants to save Kylie, but decides to wait for 24 hours until Dita is not fatigued any longer (from healing herself), because she can use her telekinetic power to move the mage warrior out of Yanak's gaze.

In the meantime Gorgoroth realizes that the Storm Sphere he took as treasure from the Temple is actually an sentient being which - surprisingly - has powers related to storms. He telepathically probes the Sphere and notices that it is in a state of dreaming, but decides not to go any deeper.

The rest of the crew rests for 24 hours in Airy's submarine. But just as they want to return to the temple, Gorgoroth smells a taste of fuel he did not notice before: Seconds later three airships break out of the clouds above the island.

Gorgorth, invisible and intangible, flies up to figure out what are the intentions of the ships' crews. He realizes fast that they are slavers who came here for the same emergency signal, that lured Cloudpuncher in.

Trush takes robot bird form to attack one of the airships. Despite enemy fire he creates a laser peak from his laser sword and damages the hull of one of the three airships. Gas is streaming out, and the zeppelin starts to sink slowly.

Dita in the meantime is focused on getting the submarine to the sea together with Airy. Gorgoroth uses his mind control powers to take over the gunners of the other two airships, making them fire on each other. Another airship's hull is broken. But his decision to let the mind control slip off the Winged Lion, takes him to a dangerous place: the Lion who was plotting revenge all the time uses the first opportunity to slam the invisible Chameleon Drake into the razor clam covered ground with telekinesis. Thanks to his tough drake skin, Gorgoroth is able to soak the damage, but he realizes that the psionic lion can see him even when being invisible.

In the meantime Douro shoots fire from a distance, but he is not as powerful as in melee, and despite multiple attacks misses the do break any of the hulls.

Trush has less of an issue with his laser peak from nearby and damages the hull of the last airship.

Dita has the submarine prepared to leave by now and, telepathically urges everyone to stop fighting. They follow her request and get inside right away. Seconds later the submarine is underwater and on it's way to the giants' city, Ship's Home.

The Winged Lion telepathically reaches out to Gorgoroth and - in what is supposed to be an intimidating threat - tells the Chameleon Drake that he will never be forgiven for the suicide forced onto the Lion's partner for centuries. Instead the Lion promises a brutal revenge and the painful death of Gorgoroth. But the Chameleon Drake is neither scared nor impressed and shakes the threat off with laughter.

The telepathic contact breaks off as the Orange Submarine has gone too far and too deep.

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