Sunday, February 9, 2014

My RPG Calendar 2014


5th Zwillingsseen B4: 20 years in the Temple of Icedeath (Jor; Mig, Agn, Mar, Fer, Ale)
11th Zwillingsseen A9: The Invisible Gnome Killer (Jor; Hel, Jos, May)
20th Primetime Adventures: Family with Benefits - Pilot, Scene 1 and 2 (Jor; Agn, Mig, Ale)
26th PtA: The Dickinsons - Family with Benefits - Pilot, Scene 3-7 (Jor; Agn, Mig, Vin, Mar, Fer, Kar)
27th PtA: Zwillingsseem A10: Return to the Temple of the Goddess in Green (Jor; Hel, Jos, May)

6th Zwillingsseen A11: The Wickerman at the Northern Lake (Jor; Hel, Jos, Agn, Ire, Sai)
19th PtA: The Dickinsons: S1E01 - Britney's Decision (Jor; Agn, Mig, Vin, Mar, Fer, Ale)
20th Zwillingsseen A12: Sailing to Hantur (Jor; Hel, Jos, Agn)

3rd Zwillingsseen A13: From the Red Tower to the slave's dungeons (Jor; Hel, Jos, May)
9th PtA: The Dickinsons: S1E02 - The Vacation Promise (Vin; Agn, Jor, Mar, Fer, Ale)
10th Zwillingsseen A14: Giant Hands and the Membram Flag (Jor; Hel, Jos, Kar)
23rd PtA: The Dickinsons: S1E03 - Grandma's Day Out (Mar; Agn, Jor, Vin, Mig, Fer)

1st Zwillingsseen A15: A young White Dragon (Jor; Hel, Jos, Kar, Nat)
22nd Zwillingsseen A16: The Goddess in Green falls (Jor; Hel, Jos, Kar, Nat)

4th PtA: The Dickinsons: S1E04 - Ciaran saves the house (Mig; Agn, Jor, Fer, Mar)

3rd Savage Worlds: CPA 1: Stuttgart Surveillance (Hel; Jor, Nat, Kar)
17th Savage Worlds: CPA 2: Goran am Bodensee (Hel; Jor, Nat, Kar)


30th OSB RIfts: Character Creation (Jor; Kar, Hel, Mig)

7th OSB Rifts 1: Ambush of the Needleteeth Dwarves (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat, Mig, Agn)
14th OSB Rifts 2: Fight at the VTOL plane crash site (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat, Mig, Agn)
21st OSB Rifts 3: Flight to the Millenium Tree (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat, Mig, Agn)
28th OSB Rifts 4: The dream in the Tree (Jor; Hel, Kar)

13th OSB Rifts 5: The demon under Freiburg tent camp (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat)
27th OSB Rifts 6: Return to the demon bunker (Jor; Hel, Kar, Nat, Jea)

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