Thursday, January 29, 2009

My RPG Calendar 2009

13th Luftenwelter 13: Dinner & Breakfast - 2,5 hours
15th Nyrondria 8: The Blazing City - 2,5 hours
22nd Luftenwelter 14: The Rocs of Area X - 3 hours
27th Bloodbath 5: The Awakening - 2,5 hours
29th Luftenwelter 15: The Amplifier Artifact - 2,5 hours

3rd Nyrondria 9: Sophilis' impertinence
10th Nyrondria 10: The nightmare and the book
26th Luftenwelter 16: Air battle for the Artifact

3rd Nyrondria 11: Father Abbot's monastery
5th Luftenwelter 17: Captain Beligor and the city in the desert
10th Nyrondria 12: Sopilis' faith
12th Luftenwelter 18: Ghosts of the lost city
19th One Shot: Castles&Crusades: Dwarven Glory II aka. Brokeback Dungeon (Ser;Dan,Jor)
30th Nyrondria 13: Goblin massacre in the Blazing City

2nd Luftenwelter 19: The palace's fountains (of the Silver Princess)
6th RPtools D&D4 0 test session: Kobolds and the White Dragon (Flan;Astr,Joer,Jor,Guen)
7th Nyrondria 14: Where is the Green Gem?
16th Luftenwelter 20: Rats: Theladios' treachery (Ser;Dan,Jor)
20th RPtools D&D4 1: Kobold Hall (1) (Flan;Astr,Joer,Jor,Guen,Erwin)
21st Primetime Adventures: Hell Pilot (Jor;Tom,Ser,Jea,Dan)
23rd Luftenwelter 21: Dragons, scorpions and Desini (Ser;Dan,Jor)
27th RPtools D&D4 2: Death in Kobold Hall (2) (Flan;Astr,Joer,Jor,Erwin)
30th Luftenwelter 22: Thulio's funeral, recruitment and the burning inn (Ser;Dan,Jor)

4th RPtools D&D4 3: The hobgoblin raid (Scales of War 1) (Flan;Astr,Joer,Jor,x2)
13th RPtools D&D4 4: Ripped apart by a drake swarm (Scales of War 2) (Flan;Astr,Joer,Jor,x2)
14th Luftenwelter 23: Flying pirates falling (Ser;Dan,Jor)
19th Nyrondria 15: Return to Father Abbot's monastery (Tom;Dan,Jor,Man,Ser)
20th Scales of War 5 (renumbered): The Drake Pit
21st Luftenwelter 24: Visit at the Bravebeards' (Ser;Dan,Jor)
25th Scales of War 6: Lava Hands & Spider Creatures
26th Nyrondria 16: The Unknown Road (Tom;Dan,Jor,Man,Ser)
28th Luftenwelter 25: Demons on Captain Croc's (Ser;Dan,Jor)
30th Agon 1 (Double Shot): Sacrificing the Mare (Vla;Ser,Jea,Jor) - 3,5 hours

2nd Agon 2 (Double Shot): Capturing King Menester (Vla;Ser,Jea,Jor) - 2 hours
23rd Nyrondria 17: Fighting Giants in the Past (Tom;Dan,Jor,Man,Ser)
29th Scales of War 7: The Hobgoblin Leader and the Floor of the Undead

7th Scales of War 8: The Last Two Hostages [End of Campaign]
21st Nyrondria 18: Ethic & the Scorpion Aberration (Tom;Dan,Jor,Man,Ser)
24th Luftenwelter 26: Captain Croc's Fear and the Zombie Bears (Ser;Dan,Jor)
28th Nyrondria 19: To the Elven Island Mydor (Tom;Dan,Jor,Man,Ser)
31st Luftenwelter 27: Grounders vs. Undead (Ser;Dan,Jor)

4th Nyrondria 20: The Elven ritual potion for the green gem (Tom;Dan,Jor,Man,Ser)

3rd Luftenwelter 28: Battle in the temple (Ser;Dan,Jor)
15th Nyrondria 21: In the drow caverns (Tom;Dan,Jor,Man,Ser)
18th Luftenwelter 29: Heart of Ice: Boots and Daggers (Ser;Dan,Jor)
22nd Nyrondria 22: The wrong Sophilis (Tom;Dan,Jor,Man,Ser)

1st Luftenwelter 30: The Ice Dragon (Ser;Dan,Jor)
4th The Mountain Witch 1: Through the Woods (Vla;Jor,Mic,Ser,Jea)
5th Luftenwelter 31: The White Wolves (Ser;Dan,Jor)
15th Luftenwelter 32: Inn the City (Ser;Dan,Jor)
27th Nyrondria 23: Nailo's mother (Tom;Dan,Jor,Man,Ser)


14th Luftenwelter 33: Theladios' Death in the Tower (Ser;Dan,Jor)

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