Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Savage Synnibarr: God Roll

Synnibarr has the rule that if you are killed, there is the possibility that your god intervenes and saves you last minute. For Savage Synnibarr I created the God Roll Setting Rule to cover this:

If you worship a god and get killed, you are allowed to roll percentile dice to see if your god intervenes. Per experience point there is a one percent (1%) chance of a godly intervention. The god will talk a few sentences to the character, but will only listen to one sentence per rank of the character. The will make clear that the intervention is a great favour and that he or she expects loyality and a minor quest for it.
After an godly intervention through a God Roll, the percentile chance is reset to zero. With each gained experience point gained it raises again one percent.
 If you don't worship a god, instead of a god roll, you roll for the percentage to be turned into a poltergeist or technageist. There is only a one percent (1%) chance per level though. These geists are NPCs in most cases and therefore the player has to create a new characer.

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