Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Savage Synnibarr: Breakfast and Dollars

Airy, Dita and Trush head back to the Excelsior Hotel with the Red Girl. It's dawn and they are happy to finally get some rest. Trush shows her his room. Dita has issues sleeping next door.

Shortly after noon the four decide to go for breakfast. While they are eating in the breakfast hall, another shrunk giant, Hiyoto, appears with two bodyguards in loincloths. Hiyoto, a business man in suit with pony tail, explains that he is the owner of the Lizard Club, and he asks for the damage to the Lizard Club being paid back. The destroyed hallway and the dead giant bouncer add up to 30,000$. He is not able yet to give an estimate on how much the red mirror was worth.

At first it looks like that the heroes cannot pay the amount, but luckily Dita remembers 205,000$ of group money she still has stored away from before their trip to space.

They promise Hiyoto to pay him the 30,000$, but ask him to pick it up later. He says they owe him a favour or the amount the mirror cost, but he will come back with details later.

After the breakfast, Airy decides to go and buy new Piseesha mushrooms and finds them in a "headshop". In the meantime Agent Nelson shows up in the Excelsior hotel and pays the three adventures who delivered the suitcase 20,000$ each. He wants to take along the Red Girl though, and mentions a new mission he can offer the adventurers.

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