Saturday, February 13, 2010

PPP Hospital as FAWS7 write up

This is my Plüsch, Power & Plunder one shot Hospital redone in Fast Adventure Writing Structure.

Mini locations:

Hospital room of PC's kid: ACTION: minions attack; Plush robot Dusk and Smurfette as victims
Hallway: ACTION: nurses (stompers) can spot them, random encounter table
Other kids' rooms: INTERACTION: mini stompers who can't leave bed, other victim plushes and their addiction
Toy room: INTERACTION: cat in cage
Nurse kitchen: ACTION: Weapons without getting caught by nurses; also KEY for laundry
Above the steerages: ACTION: Thing plush with KEY for laundry elevator
Laundry elevator: ACTION: Monster spider plush Shelob
Laundry room/basement: INTERACTION: addict Dusk and Smurfette reappear; Plush gamepad The Brain creates drugs
Operating room: INTERACTION: Prophet plush and more equipment
Boiler room: ACTION: evil nerd plush: Pin and his 3 Martial Arts Plush Pandas
Garden: ACTION: super dangerous cats in garden/woods (WANDER OFF AREA)

TWIST 1: kids die one after the other
TWIST 2: victim plushs are drug addicted traitors
TWIST 3: minions unleash the cat
TWIST evil plush want to kill kid of PCs to keep them in hospital forever

VILLAIN: The Pin controls minions and victims by being in charge of drug cartel. Wants new kids regularly to have more people to control.

McGuffin: Survival. Getting out of this Plush hell.

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