Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Wails of Planet Norr

A created this adventure following my guidelines in Fast Adventure Writing Structure. Actually if you read the document, you will see it is the example there.

Just to remember here are the steps again:

1. Have a one line idea or title
2. Create 6 to 8 mini locations with hooks
3. Decide if the single locations are about ACTION or INTERACTION, or something else
4. Adding a TWIST or three
5. A villain
6. The McGuffin
7. Spaces for wandering off

Don't forget that the notes are only for yourself. So no need to be self explaining!

Mini locations:

1. Only village of human settlers: INTERACTION: The PCs land here. They meet a drunk mechanics woman who wants to start a fight and talks something about her lover killing himself in the icy fjord. She has it on video. 300 inhabitants
2. The administrators house: INTERACTION: The administrator personally introduces them to job. Tells them how boring it is here and plays the decadent, incompetent guy.
3. The bar: ACTION: Central hang out place for all the dirty miners. PCs meet some people with symbiont/ alien here. Idiots want to bully the PCs.
4. Cliff in icy fjord: ACTION: After some wandering, willpower tests near cliff. Weak ones jump off.
5. Underwater village of "aliens": INTERACTION: Symbiontes all on their own. Look like bat like coats. Give psionic powers. The suicidal player character hang themselves up as well. Different layers of cocoons.
6. The cold oceans: ACTION: storm, tentacle whale monsters (WANDERING OFF AREA)
7. The "oil" plattform: ACTION: a crazy scientist, tells the PCs that the oil won here is not worth anything, that he lost all his money in speculation here. Then they are attacked by "malfunctioning" mining robots. (WANDERING OFF AREAD)

TWIST 1: The aliens are actually the suicidal humans.
TWIST 2: The administrator knows about Twist 1, but does not tell anyone.
TWIST 3: Actually the aliens are the resource the administration is really interested in. The mining is only an excuse to attract people and turn them into aliens.

VILLAIN: The administrator. He wants cover up any evidence and uses miners and robots to get the PCs out of the way.

McGuffin: Superpaid job and psionic symbiontes.

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