Sunday, February 14, 2010

Synnibarr Volcano Island One Shot as FAWS7 Write Up

Here is another FAWS7 write up:

Village of Winterhaven: INTERACTION: Fishermen say a hooded stranger named Dusk hung out with mayor and tell that the mayor disappeared
"The Lazermead" (Village Bar): INTERACTION: Simera, the Talking Racoon hunter, hangs out here tells that her children are missing
Mayor's mansion: ACTION: find piece from Dusk (he was a robot!) and fight with Poltergeist => fight smashes secret entrance to casino
Secret Casino: ACTION: the lazer roulette forces them in a game and tells about the mayor and that he was hanging out with the Gremlin and having debts. Access to volcano tunnels.
Volcano Tunnels: ACTION: rising lava and Batmen
Pirate Harbor: ACTION: Tenjohussen in whale, too many too confront diretly, have mayor as prisoner with them
Jungle: ACTION: flying deer and Rock Weird (that catapults PCs up to Gremlin Cloud if they are late) (WANDERING OFF SPACE, random encounters)
Vulcano Tip: INTERACTION: hard to spot volcano tunnels from inside funnel, but dissappearing flying deer gives hint
Gremlins Cloud: ACTION: Gremling attacks anyone entering his cloud on sight

TWIST 1: the contact person can't be found
TWIST 2: there is a secret entrance to volcano from Mayor's house
TWIST 3: the Tenjohussen pirates prepare to attack the village for slaves

Villain: Gremlin: he is behind the mayor's betrayal of his people, because he wants to get payed back his gaming debts

McGuffin: find their contact person Dusk in village

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