Sunday, February 7, 2010

Doctor Who RPG: Adventures in Time and Space - Campaign Planning

Actually I spent the last month collecting ideas for a Doctor Who campaign for Cubicle 7's new game. For whatever reason I mad notes mostly in my iPod touch or on Evernote on my Android phone.
I guess this has to do with the fact that I think about it before going to bed or when waking up. Maybe it is also about the fact that I have much better portable devices for notes nowadays.
Anyways: my notes are pretty incoherent at the moment and in a mix of German and English.

Still I created a new way of sketching adventures and I hope that it works out fine.
I will soon post a first sample adventure.

The basic idea for the campaign is the following:
The player characters are from all over time and space (there has been no character creation yet). The find their way into a broken TARDIS. Inside the dark time capsule they meet the other PCs and a seemingly dead old woman in a techno coffin. The old woman sometimes talks a little bit and explains that the TARDIS was nearly destroyed and its pilot, the Doctor Who, has been thrown out in the Vortex by an unknown opponent and is lost in time and space.

The only way to repair the TARDIS and make her route controllable again is by letting her drift along the Doctor's fall and collect the parts he has lost. This cosmic hint hunt can only be done by free moving people and as soon as the TARDIS has landed somewhere, the PCs have to leave the time capsule with a provided cronon measuring device, and get 3 readings from different points at least 400 meters apart from each other and with 15 minutes between them. With this readings it is possible to measure the source of the cronons - most probably one of the items the Doctor lost - and retrieve them. The item will allow the TARDIS to travel to the next spacetime location, until the Doctor has been found.

Obviously each of the places is "interesting" and there will be an adventure before the item is returned to the TARDIS.

I have a millions of ideas for adventures. Basically you can go through your whole RPG collection and turn every scenario you ever wanted to play in an episode, but it will also depend on what characters the players choose.

The 1 items are:
1. Psychic Paper
2. Coat
3. Sonic Screwdriver
4. Converse Shoes

(As you can see it is about the 10th Doctor.)

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