Sunday, May 31, 2009

White Deer

Designer notes: From a freeform PBem in 2000.

White Deer does not remember his origin. He just woke up in a
Canadian forest as an intelligent, full grown animal emitting
white light from his ankler.
He knew, he could change form and transformed into his second body: a
muscular human covered with the same white fur his animal form
possesses - and with the same glowing ankler. Wondering who he was,
he transformed back and decided to travel to the south. He knows he
has to find the 'Glasswalker'. He does not know what this is, but
believes it to be a life form similiar to his own.
Animal Form: Superspeedrunning, leaps up to 150', 50' from
but cannot talk
Human Form: none but the ability to speak (english)
Both Forms: Ankler can reflect materia (bullets,..) and energy; they
are hard as diamond and emitting white light all of the time (kind of

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