Friday, May 15, 2009

Savage Worlds Free PDF Index

I am going to list all the free PDFs that are stored on the (Pennicle) website. Obviously most of it will be connected to Savage Worlds, but expect to also find material on Deadlands for example.

One of the best resources is this list of free Worlds adventures.

Savage Worlds:

Test Drive Rules Version 6 - This are all the rules you need to play a first game.

GM Screening Aid Version 2

Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition Index

Deadlands: Reloaded Random Card Character Creation

Pregenerated Player Characters - Pregens:

5 for Crime City - a contempary GTA 4 inspired game. Grand Theft Auto as tabletop RPG? I always wanted to play that. :)

5 for Deadlands

5 Pulp Heroes - expect something similar to Indiana Jones, Doc Savage and Tarzan!

5 Victorian heroes for Rippers - Mackie Messer, a battle nun, a masked avenger and a Polish hero! What else do you need?

Free Savage Worlds Adventures:

Deadlands: Reloaded Buffalo Soldiers

Deadlands: Reloaded Daddy's Boys

Deadlands: Reloaded Ghost Town

Deadlands: Reloaded House Call

Deadlands: Reloaded Lover's Quarrel

Necropolis 2350 Howling Blizzard

Pirates of the Spanish Main Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Spanish Main Double Crossbones!

Rippers Unnatural History

Slipstream The Hunt

Sticks & Stones Whose Cave Is It Anyway?

Deadlands Classic:

Deadlands - Veterans O' the Weird West

Deadlands D20:

Conversion: From Classic to D20

Options: Optional Rules

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