Sunday, May 31, 2009

Emo Kid / Emo Boy

Designer notes:
Back in 2000 when the term "Emo" did not have any of the connotations that is has nowadays (not that I have any problems with the connotations nowadays, I generally like teenagers that dress up), I created this character for a systemless PbEM. But I never played him, because I was not too happy with such an angsty character anyways.

Emo Kid (Has not given himself a name yet) [Designer note: Somewhere I also called him Emo Boy]

Real name: Ianus Enlind
Age: 19
Nationality: US
History: Ianus Enlind was kind of the ordinary suburban kid, maybe
somewhat weaker and spending more time thinking about himself.
For a reason unknown he was choosen by an alien 'race' of blueskinned
human-like androids, known as the 'Fleet', to take part in an
The Fleet were not able to feel emotions, so they decided to equip a
feeling being with a device called 'Emo-streamer'. He was abducted in a
small spaceship from his home and give a small hexagonal implant in his
forehead. This implant absorbs all of Ianus' emotions and sends them
to the Fleet. Side-effect of the process ist that he cannt feel emotions
for himself any more. They Emo-streamer gave him also the knowledge
to use Fleet-equipment like their weapons and spaceships. The device in
his head makes it possible for the Fleet to teleport him for lightyears
through the galaxy. Ianus is not able to control it. But at the moment
this is no danger for the teenager, because when the Fleet activated the

Emo-streamer they where overwhelmed by the feelings they got and the
spaceship crashed. The Fleet were killed, only Ianus survived, because
was teleported back to earth shortly before the crash. Equipped with a
Fleet plasmasword he does not yet know that he will learn to absorb and
redirect other peoples emotions soon. What he does not know either:
sooner or later the Fleet will send a new spaceship to Earth. They do
want to harm him, but he is a danger because he can give any of them
emotions anytime. At the moment his emotions are saved at an extraplanar
Powers: Has no feelings and therefore no fear or anything similar. His
power to control and redirect emotions is going to grow. The plasmasword
controls with high skills is a weapon able to cut through steel.
Hobbies: Music (electronic and alternative, both instrumental without
lyrics), reading
Costume: Red spandex-suit with black star on the front (given to him by
the Fleet). A hexagonal amber-like plate on his forehead.
Hair: brown, not to short
eyes: brown
skin: white
Known Family: Parents, one smaller brother. They don't know where his/
whether he's still alive.
Love interests: cannot love anymore, but still enjoys being with women
(not necesarilly sex)

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